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Vegetables Paper Art

For the opening of a blog named “Veg of the Day”, illustrator and designer Polly Lindsay has already started to cook a first batch of paper vegetables : an avocado, a red onion and a red pepper. She gives a precise work where we can easily admire the different reliefs and layers of her artworks.

Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family – Low Life

Focus the amazing clip of Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family for his song “Low Life”, from his album “Songs of Vertigo” which will be released on March, 2nd 2015. Directed by Jack & Arnaud and produced by Passion Paris, we can see a man animating on photographs of fashion and tabloids’ magazines. An original and pop video, to discover in exclusivity on Fubiz.

Impressive Folded Paintings

Marcelo Daldoce is an artist who paint stunning and unusual pictures. He depicts full-size women hidden behind massive polygonal graphics and surfaces. But it’s not all, his artworks are like sculptures when he decides to fold the paper, giving beautiful reliefs matching perfectly with the drawings. To discover below.