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Paper Cut by Bovey Lee

Originally from Hong Kong, the artist Bovey Lee decided after years of practicing calligraphy consider paper cutting and offers us creations of beauty and breathtaking precision. Achievements of the most beautiful effect which a selection is to discover images.

Dream Life of Paper

1984 London has released his latest short animated film called “Dream Life of Paper” in which we follow origami-animals in a fairy world entirely built in 3D. A production by Chris Jarrett to discover on a music by Father (Joe Farley & Freddie Webb).

La Maison Theatre Brand Identity

Byebye Bambi Studio has collaborated once again with La Maison Theatre to imagine a website, business cards and new visual for the season 2014-2015 on the paper art theme. They have created a printed sculpture in silkscreen, cut and gathered under several layers to symbolize different succeeding generations.