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Pregnancy Mother Book

“Mother Book” is a pregnancy calendar created by Japanese ad agency Dentsu Nagoya to promote pharmaceutical company Bell-Net Obstetrics. This book details week after week the evolution of the pregnancy by visuals and paper sculptures showing the mother’s belly and breast taking relief more and more as the pages pass. The campaign encourages mothers to write their personal feelings during 40 weeks and to offer the book to their child.

Famous Novels Turned into Book Art

Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda transforms books and literature into real pieces of art, in his series “Story Fragments”. He digs, carves and layered inside the pages of literature classics : Lewis Carroll, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or also Jules Verne. Each sculpture echoes the story or the themes told in the books, on the principle that we “make books not to read, but to enjoy looking at”.

Tiny Animals Logo

In the context of different branding creative work and logo design, the illustrator Tom Watkins Anders has drawn on paper and by computer a series of minimalist logo depicting miniature animals. A work featuring beautiful lighting effects and a remarkable graphic style. More in the gallery.

Fruit Toilet Paper

A lot of Japanese companies and stores offer toilet papers to their clients in order to show their appreciation. With “The Fruit Toilet Paper”, Japanese design studio Latona Marketing Inc. has imagined four packagings for toilet papers in fruits : kiwi, watermelon, strawberry and orange. An original way to distinguish yourself with clients.

Abstract Crumpled Posters

A native of Houston, the artist Heath West produces crumpled, torn and reconstructed paper art work by using materials such as paper, acrylic, and aluminum. Through these elements, he composes abstract and graphic 3D work with different textures and fabrics. More in the gallery.

Papercraft Animals Series

Using paper and his expert hands, the artist PaperWolf whose real name is Wolfram Kampffmeyer manufactures small animals with great sensitivity. As toys or taxidermy trophies, these creations are available in different colors and bring a delicate and childish touch at home. To discover in images.