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Impressive Folded Paintings

Marcelo Daldoce is an artist who paint stunning and unusual pictures. He depicts full-size women hidden behind massive polygonal graphics and surfaces. But it’s not all, his artworks are like sculptures when he decides to fold the paper, giving beautiful reliefs matching perfectly with the drawings. To discover below.

Stunning Origami by BVD

The Swedish studio BVD created on the occasion of the Swedish Design Awards magnificent origami letterform, namely a paper sculpture of the letter S, the initial of Sweden. Directed by Swedish studio with paper from Swedish wood for a Swedish design awards, this sculpture tribute to an entire nation. To discover.

Rivages Film by JR

Rivages is a video project by famous street-artist JR, directed by Guillaume Cagniard and produced by Les fils de. A dark black and white film, with an intense soundtrack that make the portrait of port dockers at le Havre. In this singular world, JR has painted in only 10 days with the helps of dockers, 2600 strips of paper pasted on cargo ship’s containers representing a woman’s eyes.

Mondrian Sticky Notes

The compositions of painter Mondrian inspire a lot. Indeed we previously talked about the artwork of Katja Windau, and the superb pastel composition she made. Today, we present this tiny sticky notes directly inspired from the famous composition of the neoplastic painter, composed with few colored blocks spaced on a black background. A project made by Pa Design, to discover in the following.

Pregnancy Mother Book

“Mother Book” is a pregnancy calendar created by Japanese ad agency Dentsu Nagoya to promote pharmaceutical company Bell-Net Obstetrics. This book details week after week the evolution of the pregnancy by visuals and paper sculptures showing the mother’s belly and breast taking relief more and more as the pages pass. The campaign encourages mothers to write their personal feelings during 40 weeks and to offer the book to their child.

Famous Novels Turned into Book Art

Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda transforms books and literature into real pieces of art, in his series “Story Fragments”. He digs, carves and layered inside the pages of literature classics : Lewis Carroll, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or also Jules Verne. Each sculpture echoes the story or the themes told in the books, on the principle that we “make books not to read, but to enjoy looking at”.

Tiny Animals Logo

In the context of different branding creative work and logo design, the illustrator Tom Watkins Anders has drawn on paper and by computer a series of minimalist logo depicting miniature animals. A work featuring beautiful lighting effects and a remarkable graphic style. More in the gallery.