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KFC Paper Tray as Keyboard

Fast-food chain KFC has invented a smart system to enable customers to use their smartphones without leaving oily fingerprints on their touchscreen : they created the “Tray Typer”, a durable paper tray put on a wireless keyboard connected via Bluetooth. Find out more in video.

Moleskine Creates a Paper World for Alice in Wonderland

Moleskine commissioned the director Rogier Wieland for their limited edition collection of notebooks “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”. He staged a real bunny in the middle of handmade paper decors that retake the fantasy world of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairytale : the tea scene, the changing sizes of the animal, the roses-ladies and Mad Hatter’s hat.

Toolbox Paper Art

French studio REVERBERE has imagined a toolbox entirely made of papier, in tribute to constructions games of their youth. Each mechanism is functional : the drill, the paint brushes, the meter and the pliers. A project that dives us into a childish universe where fun and design confront.