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Chameleon Cabin by Mattias Lind

Mattias Lind, architect and partner at Scandinavian White Arkitekter has designed a house made ​​entirely of paper “Chameleon Cabin” which changes its appearance depending on the angle of view of the spectator. The house seems to be built from black and white marble. The bright yellow interior of the house offers a warm aspect, contemporary and very aesthetic.

Star Wars Paper Toys

Collective Momot imagine papertoys of great beauty. In addition to imagine quality creations, the Korean teams have fun tribute to the great references to popular culture. A great example with these Star Wars Paper Toys, playing with talent on the different characters of the saga.

The Paper Skin by Leica

Leica has recently announced the availability of a limited edition of the X2 camera called “The Paper Skin” by Fedrigoni, changing band leather specially treated paper for the occasion and called Constellation Jade, offering greater resistance than the best leathers. A model produced only 25 copies to discover in pictures and a video after the jump.

3D Paper Bricks Stickers

Once gain, japanese studio Nendo proves its inventiveness with these great stickers “Paper Bricks” created for the Japanese magazine Pen. Thus providing a false report of wood and perspective, these stickers can be used together or separately to decorate your stationery with style.