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Paper Birds Set Design

Very talented for set design creations, Mathilde Nivet has made here stunning and delicate white birds paper sculptures for Le Bon marché. In flight or perched, these beautiful creatures bring a dimension endlessly poetic. Find out more in the gallery.

Paper-Cut Catalogue

The Studio Makgill, based in Brighton, has designed the promotional catalogue of the paper manufacturer G.F Smith Specials Applied, founded in 1885. Through the cutting and perforation on multiple layers, we can see the name of the company appearing in different styles and colors thanks to a qualitative printing using the technique of the embossment, namely in relief and in hollow.

Apples and Pears Notepads

Kudamemo is a series of notepads designers by the creative team Spoon & Tamago. The originality is in the fact that these little memos have the shape of pears and apples’ slices. The name of the product creates a pun with the Japanese word “Kudamono” which means “fruits”. Each fruit features 150 slices of papers.

Museum of Supernatural History Paper Art

For Hermès Maison Shanghai, French artists Zim & Zou, that we’ve talked about here, have worked during 3 months on the creation of vitrines inspired by “cabinets de curiosités” that we can see in Natural History Museum. All in paper and leather, the installation “Museum of Supernatural History” gathers animals around two themes : “Air and water” and “Earth”.

Vegetables Paper Art

For the opening of a blog named “Veg of the Day”, illustrator and designer Polly Lindsay has already started to cook a first batch of paper vegetables : an avocado, a red onion and a red pepper. She gives a precise work where we can easily admire the different reliefs and layers of her artworks.