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Paperlike Ceramics of Sprouting Blades of Grass

Spanish artist Alberto Bustos drew his inspiration from vegetal forms to create his sculptures in porcelain which mimic sprouting blades of grass, coming from the ground. From far, the ceramics look like paper, a flexible material that can curl and fold easily. Alberto will be part of an exhibition in Mas De Les Gralles, among 40 other international artists, starting on 13th June.

The Expanding Drawing

“Tokyo” is a monumental artwork of illustrator Decktwo who represented this city on a width of 9 meters and a height of 1, 20 meter. To draw this capitale and really get into it, his performance took place in Tokyo. The creation process took 4 days in total.

Star Wars 3D Paper Sculptures

Kirigami paper artist Marc Hagan-Guirey, recreated, in his “Cut Scenes” collection, some famous Star Wars movies scenes in the forme of mini and 3D paper sculptures. Colored and monochromatic lighting of his work reflects its meticulousness and complexity. Through a successful crowdfunding campaign, an exhibition is scheduled this summer. An original way to rediscover these classics.

A Red Bridge Made of 20000 Paper Sheets

British artist Steve Messam built an amazing red bridge made of 20 000 paper sheets. This bridge is in a good balance thanks to 4 tons of stones fixed at the extremities, above a rural lake of the National Park of Cumbria, in England. This project is in the continuity of his project “Lakes Ignite” through he explores the possibilities of creations around lakes.

KFC Paper Tray as Keyboard

Fast-food chain KFC has invented a smart system to enable customers to use their smartphones without leaving oily fingerprints on their touchscreen : they created the “Tray Typer”, a durable paper tray put on a wireless keyboard connected via Bluetooth. Find out more in video.

Moleskine Creates a Paper World for Alice in Wonderland

Moleskine commissioned the director Rogier Wieland for their limited edition collection of notebooks “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”. He staged a real bunny in the middle of handmade paper decors that retake the fantasy world of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairytale : the tea scene, the changing sizes of the animal, the roses-ladies and Mad Hatter’s hat.