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Reddot Hotel in Taiwan

The RedDot Hotel was built on the skeleton of a 35 years-old hotel in Taichung City, in Taiwan. Interior designers Steven Wu and Wang Pe-Jen are the origin of the renovation project. They wanted to set a staircase-slide in tunnel, Kapla armchairs and a sofa made of balls to bring a playful atmosphere.

Little Mermaid House

“The Seashell House” (or “Casa Caracol”) is one of the beautiful houses proposed for renting on the site Airbnb. Located in Isla Mujeres in Mexico and for 186€ per night, it features two bedrooms to host four people dived in a submarine universe into the heart of a white seashell, for a couple of holidays weeks.

Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel

The ION Luxury Adventure Hotel has been built in Iceland by Minarc architects, in less than an hour from Reykjavík. This hotel features 45 rooms with a view on mountains, with an exterior warm pool and a wooden comfy interior. A building in the extension of nature, to discover.

Ace Hotel Architecture

Ace Hotel chain, also established in New York and Seattle, has renovated the United Artists Building in Los Angeles to set a new hotel up. This old building, with its magnificent Spanish gothic theater, was built in 1927 by C. Howard Crane and Walker & Eisen firm. A mix of vinyls, concrete and Amerindian patterns are to discover in the next part of the article.