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3D Printed Fonts

Zhou Hongtao is a designer, artist and researcher working in the interdisciplinary areas of furniture design, sculptural installation and architecture. “Textscapes” merges font design with 3D printing to generate 3D documents which the reading process become an interactive and artistic experience not only for the general audience but blind individual as well.

Gumno House in Croatia

The Gumno House is a stunning villa located in Croatia and designed by Idis Turato architect. This superb house feature an angular and polygonal structure. Its upright patio offer an uninterrupted view and integrate a triangular pool. Day and night, this multi-facets villa surprise by its visual design and ergonomic. To discover.

Twin Tables by Astfrei

Astfrei is a real fusion of technological strength of Silicon Valley and Swiss craftsmanship to produce unique design pieces. Their CS1 collection is composed of a pair of low and high tables, balancing on two legs and produced with California walnut base, concrete and copper.

Inside Shopify Office in Toronto

After Uber let’s go to Shopify’s offices in Toronto. The Canadian firm MSDS studio has worked to make the design of a 18 000 square meters space in an 100 years old brick warehouse. The entire design was thought through the theme “mechanisms of contemporary business.” Thus, the block of conference and meeting rooms is set up like a market street with signage. The louvered wall is patterned to reference the vitality of a marketplace.