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Bubble Installation

The artist Luka Fineisen designed a very nice installation made of plastic bubbles put on the floor. The beauty of this project is in the paradox created by the apparent fragility of bubbles, and the crystallization of these ephemeral objects in the space-time. To discover in the following.

Yo-Ho Craft Beer Design

Yo-Ho is a brand of Japanese craft beer paying much attention to its production but also to the design of its cans. According to the taste and the brewing of the beer, cans offer a variety of several graphics models. “Suiyoubi no Neko” is rather light and fruity while “Yona Yona”, more bitter, will be ideal with a ramen. To discover in images.

Ice Cream Milk Soap

Stitch Bears is an online shop design items inspired by nature and childhood. For this project, the brand collaborate with Ahhaproject agency to devise these delicious white sticks. Gourmet ice in appearance which actually turn out to be organic goat milk soaps made with avocado, camellia and almond. A fresh and delicious concept to discover in pictures.

3D Printed Chair

Here’s a 3D printed chair made by a stereolithography process and designed by Daniel Widrig. This chair called “De-Optimised Chair” offers a visual and interesting design : produced in polyamide, thousands of polygons interlock and form a thick black mesh. To discover.

Louis Vuitton Store in Tokyo

It’s in the upscale neighborhood of Tokyo, in Ginza, that Louis Vuitton recently opened its doors. The facade was built with an unusual design : they use the image of the country, between modernity and tradition, to create graphics that refer to Japanese style ornaments and to the codes of the famous fashion house, such as checked pattern. To discover in images.

Fou de Feu Ceramic Studio

Fou de Feu is a studio specialized in ceramics directed by the designer Veerle Van Overloop. The agency designs and develops design objects in very refined ceramics. In this article, we review the various pieces created by the Flemish studio : vase, lamp, as well as the different variations available in the collection. More details in images.

Barricade Table by Antonio Serrano

Here is a table created by the Mexican artist Antonio Serrano. With the motto “Everything starts with a connection, Even this table,” the designer has designed a unique table whose legs recall precisely connections or conductors threads. The name also refers to the design which appears as a sort of barricade declined in several colors : red, yellow, black to discover in the gallery.