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Typographic and Graphic Games Quotes Prints

Kyle Robertson is a graphic designer based in London. He created a black and white posters set in which he plays with the typography and graphic according to the quote of leading figures he wants to highlight, as the artist Evan Robertson. On some creations, eyes like to be lost during reading. Research of the perfect design is amazing and original.

Composition of Mammal’s Posters

Japanese graphic designer Wataru Yoshida, made a mammal’s posters set while studying at Tama Art University. This creation was designed to an imaginary exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science. The mamma’s bony anatomy is drawn on their skin. The realization of these creations is amazing through the artist’s precision and attention to detail.

Bold Quotes Posters Featuring Great Leaders

Dennie Soetopo is an art director and a graphic designer based in Jakarta. He created a posters’ collection for the Indonesian platform “Opini” which encourages people to give their opinion. Uncluttered design creations are made with quotes of famous leaders of United States and Indonesian History and from different fields like high technologies, politics or sport.

A’ Design Awards Winners

A’ Design Award announced the results of the 2014-2015 edition of its design competition. This edition has counted 836 winners from 83 countries in 89 different design disciplines. Given the number of participating countries and categories, the A’ Design Awards is the one of the largest design award which brings together as much as discipline under the same banner.

McDonalds Chocolate Drinks New Design

The British design studio STUDIOJQ came up with a branding concept to review the cups hot drinks’ design used by McDonald. They have been redesigned in a minimalist style covered of vibrant colors used to distinguish different flavors. The studio has also developed a new line of flavored drinks made from their favorite chocolate bars such as Mars, Snickers and Dairy Milk Caramel.

Drum Stick Sculpture

Lazerian is a contemporary design studio based in Manchester. Here is one of their latest creations. In collaboration with United Creatives, the concept is an installation composed by hundreds of drum sticks. Each stick was etched with a name and inserted into a mold.