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Khulu Soap Packaging

South-African design studio Fanakalo imagined for brand Khulu Soap these beautiful packaging, playing with talent on different graphic universes and compositions to provide us packagings with the most beautiful effect. To discover in the article.

NikeFuel Box in New York

Nike had the excellent idea to offer without warning in New York recently a distributor not to get drinks, but for various sections of the brand to the point like socks or a shirt. For these objects, just not exchange money, but the Fuel invented by the brand for its connected as Nike+ FuelBand by plugging in USB.

Paper Cut by Bovey Lee

Originally from Hong Kong, the artist Bovey Lee decided after years of practicing calligraphy consider paper cutting and offers us creations of beauty and breathtaking precision. Achievements of the most beautiful effect which a selection is to discover images.