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Using Oil-Tankers For Cities Extensions

A group of four designers including Chris Collaris, Ruben Esser, Sander Bakker and Patrick van der Gronden both founders of the office Less Agency, imagined a project, named “Black Gold Project” aimed at using former oil-tankers as extensions in cities of Arabic oil states, often researching more places. Project would include an element from the industrial and cultural heritage of these countries.

Similarities Between Haute Couture and Landscapes

Like Bianca Luini, Russian artist Liliya Hudyakova has created a series of diptychs comparing fashion and nature. On one side you can find a beautiful haute couture dress, on the other side a stunning landscape or natural details. These beautiful combinations create a visual surprise by their similarities, as if the dresses were designed according to these pictures.

Amazing Floating Bar in Fiji

Cloud 9 is a unique bar concept. It’s like a floating platform of a 100 persons capacity, anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean bordering Fidji, offshore of Australia. It offers possibility to moor your boat to enjoy a refreshment in a environment bored by turquoise and transparent water.

A Gigantic 3D-Printed Zoetrope

British artist Mat Collishaw created an awesome zeotrope, totally printed in 3D, called “All Things Fall”. His work is inspired by a set of two paintings of the baroque painter Peter Paul Ruben, named “The Massacre of the Innocents”. The artist shows impressive fastidiousness and attention to detail. This sculpture is composed of 350 figures in a scenery and that is animated when the carousel is turning, illuminated by a strobe light. Animation was directed by Sebastian Burdon.

Lamps with Intangible Cylinder Light Shape

Designer Arnout Meijer reveals his new project named “Every Cone, Every Torus, Every Cylinder Light” and recently showed during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. This new creation is a series of lamps that contain an intangible light shape, which changes depending on your position in space. A design between real and virtual.

Tilt-Action Cargo Bike

Butchers & Bicycles firm, based in Copenhagen in Danemark, developed a new type of cargo-bike named “MK”. This new product has a spectacular tilt action providing a new vision of urban mobility and enable to movo without effort. Bike can also give an electric impulsion with the help of a motor developed by Bosch.