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Rock Band Icons

The design studio Tata&Friends made ​​these illustrations icons groups most famous rock. A series of posters that define the names of the various known groups using simple graphics on a yellow background. The game is fun to take a look at each illustration and guess the name of the group based on pictograms, before reading the name appointed bottom of the poster.

Servile Desk and Rocking Lamp

These two creations photographed by M.OSS are works inspired by famous designer creations such as Eames Rocking chair for “Rocking lamp”. Realized by Ossendrijver “Servile” office is both sleek, simple and elegant. High quality aesthetic and practical, these works are to be found in the following article.

Best-of Office Architecture on Fubiz

The program of the first best-of Fubiz of April, here is a selection inside the offices of major companies representing various well known as Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Nike and other iconic names. We have chosen a selection of the most creative offices, original and aesthetic. Impressive interior and exterior architecture to discover later in this Best-of architectures.

Nairone x Hellohikimori

French Nairone made on a wall a big illustration for the creative studio Hellohikimori. A 6-months project, of high quality, highlighted with a video directed by Valentin Petit to discover in the following article.

The Kolo Lamps by Pani Jurek

Lamp “Kolo” is a light and cylindrical object made ​​by Polish designer Pani Jurek and architect Piotr Musiałowski. The adjustment of the light intensity is the needs of the user and moods and is obtained using a touch game. Kolo sand works like an hourglass. The sand slowly covers the circle of light and brightness fades slowly. A technique to discover photos and video work.