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Vertical Record Turntable

Gramovox which we already present the work work, created a vertical turntable named “Floating Record Vertical Turntable”. This creation plays records in the vertical and is composed of full-range stereo speakers allowing to restitute the particular sound of records. The project is proposed on Kickstarter.

Real Hoverboard by Lexus

Luxurious automotive brand Lexus revealed the concept of a real hoverboard named “SLIDE” that combines design and technology. The board is composed of superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen and coupled with magnets to allow it to levitate above a metallic surface.

Favorite Places in Poster

Swedish start-up Mapiful, offer the possibility to create a poster of your favorite cities. After having enquired the wished localisation name on the website, a monochromatic and uncluttered creation and several designs are proposed. Principal details of cities geometry are accurately represented in form of sketches. An original way to keep an opened window on this destination.