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Ouzo Packaging Design

Dolphins agency recently completed the packaging of those pretty bottles for drinks brand well known in Greece called Ouzo. With pretty black illustrations and colorful funds, the brand managed to break away from the competition while pointing out its history with Hellas.

Ballet Clock Time

German designer Meike Harde changes codes of passing time ! Usually represented in graphical and numerical form, hours found poetry and balance through this clock, led by an athletic and slender ballerina. An appropriated object to take a contemplative view, cool, and a little less rushed on our days.

Lolea Identity

Lolea is the personal project of friends who want to share what they love. Products are Sangrias quality made ​​by craftsmen: good wine is made with natural ingredients. Because Lolea is a tribute to friendship, family, celebration and joy, always served very cold with a slice of lemon and orange.