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Recycling Hair to Design Beautiful Items

To design such beautiful objects, the design studio Swine based on extensive research it performs worldwide to renew creative design processes and achievements. For this project named Hair Highway, we learn how the studio immerse itself in the Chinese hair resale to adapt it to design product. To discover in the Making-of.

Frozen Light

Designed to be hung on a tree branch, this experimental chandelier featured a woven fishnet that collects natural water as the morning dew and the rain to gradually crystallize it, forming stalactites. At night, the light’s rays reflect in the ice and create a sublime brightness. A project made by Arturo Erbsman to discover in the article.

Bubble Installation

The artist Luka Fineisen designed a very nice installation made of plastic bubbles put on the floor. The beauty of this project is in the paradox created by the apparent fragility of bubbles, and the crystallization of these ephemeral objects in the space-time. To discover in the following.

Yo-Ho Craft Beer Design

Yo-Ho is a brand of Japanese craft beer paying much attention to its production but also to the design of its cans. According to the taste and the brewing of the beer, cans offer a variety of several graphics models. “Suiyoubi no Neko” is rather light and fruity while “Yona Yona”, more bitter, will be ideal with a ramen. To discover in images.

Ice Cream Milk Soap

Stitch Bears is an online shop design items inspired by nature and childhood. For this project, the brand collaborate with Ahhaproject agency to devise these delicious white sticks. Gourmet ice in appearance which actually turn out to be organic goat milk soaps made with avocado, camellia and almond. A fresh and delicious concept to discover in pictures.