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Respectful Animal Trophies

“Respectful Animal Trophy” is a series designed by Antoine Tes-Ted for Hu2 Design. The works is a tribute to the brute and elegant strength that Nature offers us. This collaboration intends to present an innovative design with an exceptional quality of execution combined with a refined packaging.

Smart Wooden Objects

Pana Objects is a little design agency based in Thailand. Wood lover, its team works on creating smart design objects which facilitate life and make it more enjoyable. With very pure shapes, the wood is subtlety elaborated. A selection of Pana’s office accessories are to discover in the gallery.

Pastry Shop in Kiev

Ukrainian architectural firm 2B.Group recently completed The Cake, French and modern pastry in Kiev, Ukraine. Stands in the middle of this place, a sculpture that looks suspiciously like those of Jeff Koons and bears the following inscription: “Only looks like a Koons dog, but it is not”.

Nuna Popsicles

How transform a popsicle into a real design piece ? Nuna brand, in collaboration with Berlin-based designers Manu Kumar & Stefan Gendl took up the challenge. By creating polygonal shapes featuring gradient colors fixed to bamboo sticks, the brand called the head chef Heiko Antoniewicz to concoct the popsicle’s flavorful tastes.