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Marble Sculptures by Alex Seton

Alex Seton is an Australian artist who creates marble sculptures. The artist likes to revisit everyday objects and treat them with a great precision. The material effect is so successful that we have the illusion that the object is actually made of its original material. Find out more in the gallery.

Glitch Photography

Here is a range of photographic bug signed by artist Sabato Visconti. We perceive portraits and staging blurred in some parts, and even on the entire surface. To obtain these highly aesthetic anomalies, the artist uses computer applications and manipulate codings to separate pixels and creates glitch art. Discover.

Arvak Bicycle

This bicycle named Arvak is a creation of French design studio Keim. With the collaboration of the workshop Breitfuss Arvak is a bike that has a hollow monocoque frame made of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin. The orientation of the wood fibers has even been optimized to develop the best quality of the material. To discover in images.

Double Mirrors Ceilling Installation

Designers Barber & Osgerby collaborated with BMW to design a stunning project at the Raphael Gallery of V&A Museum. For this, they opted for an installation they called “Double Space for BMW” in reference of the brand’s technologic innovation and precision. They realized a kinetic sculpture represented by gigantic inclined and hanging mirrors. More details in images and video.

Wooden Knot Furniture

After leading several experiments that inspired him a lot, Kino Guerin designed this amazing series of wooden furniture. For a table, a bench or a shelf, the wood is tangled, forms knots and stretches with a great flexibility. A perfect technical production for an unexpected visual impact. To discover.

Portable USB Light

Here is a portable light called T1 made by the Russian studio Artzavod. Designed with recycled materials and using LEDs for minimum energy consumption, this unusual lamp responds to environmental concerns. The wooden structure is attached to a USB connection via a red cord. Then, it’s possible to connect it to a computer or other USB-compatible device to turn the light on.

Working Studio by Maio

For this work place, Spanish architecture agency MAIO‘s project consisted in turning a washing place with a poor light into a professional shared space where the light would be ideally optimized. For that, they have created windows, more openings and a beautiful green place in the center of the building : to discover through Jose Hevia‘s pictures.

Wooden Bags Furniture

Here is a bag-shaped stool designed by Italian studio AmeBe. Made with solid cedar and cut in order to recall the shape and fabric of a handbag, this item also has leather handles for an impression of trompe-l’oeil style. An object that combines functionality and aesthetics to discover in images.