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Two Legs Chair

Parisian designer Benoit Malta has imagined the two-legged wooden chair “Inactivité”. He defines it as a “bearable discomfort”. The idea was to create a chair that could fight against inactivity and that will oblige the user to maintain himself with little movements, to find the right position in order to keep the balance. A smart way to make your exercices and read a book at the same time.

Transparent S-House Structure

Located in Saitama in Japan, the “S-House” was thought by Japanese architecture’s studio Yuusuke Karasawa Architects. The structure looks like a house that we can fold, like an accordion. The transparency reveals 5 floors linked by white staircases and beams, crossing each other. This transparent house was commissioned by a client who wanted to show the lack of privacy on the Internet era.

Keecker Worlds First Homepod

Here is the first HomePod of the world : a house robot, or rather an independent mobile computer featuring a video projection system and a high-definition audio and video 360 system. This enable inhabitants to turn any room into an entertainment place depending on the activity they do. A project made by Keecker to discover in images and video.

Glass Knits Sculptures

Based in Seattle, artist Carol Milne has invented a technique to make glass sculptures representing knitting. First, she creates a wax-model that she puts in a mold and that can resist to a high temperature. Then, she melts a part of the wax and integrates glass inside the mold. She places the whole into a kiln at 1400-1600 degrees Fahrenheit. And finally, she lets the sculpture cool down, during a few weeks.