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Windowless Plane

We all dreamed of flying in the air with the sensation of floating in the clouds. It’s almost done now with UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation and thanks to their latest invention the Windowless Fuselage Concept. This future generation of aircraft expected to replace conventional windows with high-definition and flexible panels displaying capture of cameras mounted on the outside of the machine. Check out the video.

Amazing Installation in Palais de Tokyo

Currently at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the collective exhibition “Inside” offers visitors a passage to the interior of the self, for which the exhibition space serves as a metaphor. The design collective Numen / For Use which we had already spoken before made a gigantic construction consists of 44 km of strips of cellophane woven around pylons and accommodating 5 people at once. To discover in images.

Recycling Hair to Design Beautiful Items

To design such beautiful objects, the design studio Swine based on extensive research it performs worldwide to renew creative design processes and achievements. For this project named Hair Highway, we learn how the studio immerse itself in the Chinese hair resale to adapt it to design product. To discover in the Making-of.

Frozen Light

Designed to be hung on a tree branch, this experimental chandelier featured a woven fishnet that collects natural water as the morning dew and the rain to gradually crystallize it, forming stalactites. At night, the light’s rays reflect in the ice and create a sublime brightness. A project made by Arturo Erbsman to discover in the article.

Cactus And Virus Popsicles

Bold Or Italic Studio, founded by designer Wei Li, made possible the fact of “licking a cactus or a virus” with this popsicles project, adapting colors and shapes of different cacti and viruses. He has smartly associated cacti’s shapes to certain viruses’ shapes such as HIV and staphylocoques. Water and sugar popsicles, with an idea that influences a bit the taste.

False Bay Writer’s Cabin

This cabin was designed by Olson Kundig Architects to build the ideal cottage for a writer’s retreat. His intentions are to be close to nature and to secure the house during his absence, that’s why the studio designed a structured home featuring bay window walls joined to three wooden facades slats that can be raised and contain the home by a system of pivoting pulleys. To discover.

Trace Lamp

American designer John Irons has imagined the Trace lamp : a minimalist light that the user can build himself very easily. The idea was to create a lamp with the less material as possible, that we can build and re-build rapidly but that also keeps its function. You can support this project on Kickstarter.

Two Legs Chair

Parisian designer Benoit Malta has imagined the two-legged wooden chair “Inactivité”. He defines it as a “bearable discomfort”. The idea was to create a chair that could fight against inactivity and that will oblige the user to maintain himself with little movements, to find the right position in order to keep the balance. A smart way to make your exercices and read a book at the same time.