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Tilevera Watermark Tiles

founder ofClé Deborah Osburn imagined a variation of tiles decorated with indigo color and golden-green gray. Using patterns and techniques of paintings near Japanese art, this series of porcelain creations are hand-decorated with incredible beauty and comes even creating a wonderful protection for your iPhone.

Yardhouse Workspace by Assemble

The architecture and design collective Assemble based in London imagined Yardhouse, a workspace whose facade is made of concrete tiles made handmade by artists, offering a colorful rendering of the most beautiful effect. A place combining beauty and wide open spaces to allow installation creative to discover in the article.

Longbow Business Cards

Australian design studio Filter made these unexpected business cards for Longbow Productions. Including the name of the company, each card can also be used as an longbow with its detachable three-part structure. A funny and original idea to discover in images in the article.

Elasticity Installation in Dalston Junction Station

Fabrice Le Nezet recently made a installation within the Dalston Junction station in London sculptures. Reinterpreting with talent the visual representation of the concept of elasticity, these concrete cubes installed on metal grids give a surreal feeling, playing on the nature of the materials and the viewer’s perception. To discover in images as well as a video in the article.

Inflatable Vegetables

For Hiltl, a vegetarian restaurant located in Zurich, Tobias Stierli worked with Ruf Lanz agency to design these 3D creations of inflated balloons representing with talent different vegetables. An impressive creatop, called “Inflatable Vegetables”, playing with our perception talent to be discovered in the article.

Love Japan

Summarizing a one-month trip to the land of the Rising Sun, Japan Love this great video made ​​by David Parkinson with a Canon 5D mkIII delivers outstanding images of nature and everyday life, illustrating with talent on the remix of the song Message to Bears Holocene Bon Iver beauty of cities such as Kyoto, Nara or Nagano. More after the jump.