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Liquid Glacial Table

As if it had been crystallized in the air, this amazing table is designed by Zaha Hadid from polished plexiglas. As a stream that was modeled by magic, the illusion is such that the water always seems to undulate in the flow. More details in images.

Phosphorescent Street Art in Paris

After his moon project, Spanish street-artist SpY has recently written for the Nuit Blanche the phrase “I’m not a real artist” with phosphorescent paint. After absorbing the light of the sun and the spots, the quote lights up itself when the night falls on the Parisian building’s facade.

The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation is an installation conceived by Jody Xiong in order to denounce human fictitious relationships and loneliness caused by the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life. The artist has consequently arranged a hundred figurines locked in jars, the whole giving form to a giant computer keyboard. More details in images et vidéo.

Ice Cream Milk Soap

Stitch Bears is an online shop design items inspired by nature and childhood. For this project, the brand collaborate with Ahhaproject agency to devise these delicious white sticks. Gourmet ice in appearance which actually turn out to be organic goat milk soaps made with avocado, camellia and almond. A fresh and delicious concept to discover in pictures.