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Bird Mailbox by Playso

Kookoo is a very original mailbox imagined by Justin Hutchinson and Australian Playso, founded by Bill Playso. This mailbox has the shape of a bird with a wing filled by two compartments : one for letters and the other for magazines. Find out more in images in the gallery.

3D Printed Fonts

Zhou Hongtao is a designer, artist and researcher working in the interdisciplinary areas of furniture design, sculptural installation and architecture. “Textscapes” merges font design with 3D printing to generate 3D documents which the reading process become an interactive and artistic experience not only for the general audience but blind individual as well.

The Plank Lamp

Designed by Max Voytenko, from Line Studio, the Plank lamp is a polymorphic lighting made of wooden slats that we can hang up or modify the appearance according to our desire. Its legs are modular and shape it like an arachnid. Find out more in images in the gallery.

Hills Made with 60 000 CDs

French artist Élise Morin, that we’ve known thanks to her first installation Waste Landscape in Paris, comes back with the same project to represent France during the Art Festival White Night 2014, in Slovakia, at the Kunsthalle – Hall of Art. In the middle of 40 artistic projects lead by creators coming from 14 countries, she has introduced her amazing and shining hills made with 60 000 CD sewn by hand.