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Jerko Houseboat

As well as sailing on the Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, this strange ship called Jerko also serves as an ecological house thanks to its self-sufficiency energy. Inside, the vintage decor gives a special touch to this incredible home that his owner, Adam Katzman and his friends, work to sail. A project to discover in video and by photos through Elizabeth Weinberg‘s series.

Memo Bottle

Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt are the two Australian creators of the Memo Bottle : it’s a bottle with the shape of a notebook that we can put easily in a bag or a briefcase. It exists in 3 formats : A4, A5 and “letter”. Only one month remains to support their project on Kickstarter.

Sculpted Landscapes In Dinner Plates

Helsinki-based artist Caroline Slotte creates amazing artworks from ceramic simple or antique plates. In the middle of the plate that she carves and sands, she adds little life scenes and landscapes in relief. Her series called “Landscape Multiple” is to discover at the Kunstnerforbundet gallery, in Oslo, and in images in the article.