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Rock Band Icons

The design studio Tata&Friends made ​​these illustrations icons groups most famous rock. A series of posters that define the names of the various known groups using simple graphics on a yellow background. The game is fun to take a look at each illustration and guess the name of the group based on pictograms, before reading the name appointed bottom of the poster.

Creative Design Set Installations

The artist Elise gives a work between advertising, photography, sets design and sculpture inspired by the cubism. Her complex installations, conceptual, geometric and colorful at the same time, are at the intersection of the 3D and the 2D and shows an illusion of a very constructed image in all its parts.

Paper Sneakers

“Paperair” is a project leaded by Filippo Perin in collaboration with Italian designers such as Mauro Gatti, Ale Giorgini, Francesco Poroli, Nicola Ferraresede (among others). The project gathers 25 sneakers in paper. Creations mixing paper art, DIY, sneakers : more photos and details on the authors below.