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Trendy Dogs Illustrations

Based in Sidney, Sum Leung is an art director who made these illustrations representing very fashion dogs portraits. An endearing series where these humanized dogs are drawn with an interesting graphic style. Bull-dog dressed with a polo, Dalmatien wearing a cap, and a Dobermann with glasses are to discover in the following.

Birds Flip Books

Since 2013, artist Juan Fontanive builds little flip-books representing birds’ illustrations of different races that pass very quickly, through his series “Ornithology”. We can see hummingbirds animated during their flight. The mechanisms were made with recycled and detached pieces of bikes and clocks.

Cerovski Graphic Identity

Based in Croatia, Cerovski is a print production boutique. Bunch design agency was responsible to create its graphic brand identity by proposing a creative and colorful corporate identity charter including a custom logotype, a web design and a series of visual prints. To discover in images and through a video presentation.

Necktie Business Cards

Japanese studio Necktie designed these amazing business cards with the shape of shirts and striped ties available in different colors. The designer completed all the work : the art direction, the conception and the printing of the cards with a special paper found at Heiwashigyo. To discover.

Mondrian Sticky Notes

The compositions of painter Mondrian inspire a lot. Indeed we previously talked about the artwork of Katja Windau, and the superb pastel composition she made. Today, we present this tiny sticky notes directly inspired from the famous composition of the neoplastic painter, composed with few colored blocks spaced on a black background. A project made by Pa Design, to discover in the following.