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Pregnancy Mother Book

“Mother Book” is a pregnancy calendar created by Japanese ad agency Dentsu Nagoya to promote pharmaceutical company Bell-Net Obstetrics. This book details week after week the evolution of the pregnancy by visuals and paper sculptures showing the mother’s belly and breast taking relief more and more as the pages pass. The campaign encourages mothers to write their personal feelings during 40 weeks and to offer the book to their child.

Famous Novels Turned into Book Art

Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda transforms books and literature into real pieces of art, in his series “Story Fragments”. He digs, carves and layered inside the pages of literature classics : Lewis Carroll, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or also Jules Verne. Each sculpture echoes the story or the themes told in the books, on the principle that we “make books not to read, but to enjoy looking at”.

Redesigned American Money

Student in a design School in Switzerland, Travis Purrington has reimagined American bills by thinking to our modern codes under three angles : science, architecture and exploration. From the bill 5$ to the 100$, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant are replaced by astronomy’s photos, anatomy’s images and nanotechnologie’s hommages.

Three Colors Cities Posters

Designer Nick Barclay has decided to pay tribute to cities and their 3 matching colors through his posters’ series Three Colors Cities. For the city of New York, the yellow recalls the taxi’s colors, the green is for the Statue of Liberty and the grey reminds us of skyscrapers. On the London poster, we find the red of buses and phone boxes. We let you guess the colors’ palettes for the rest of the cities.

Underwater Posters for La Rose Des Vents Arts Center

French design studio Les Produits De L’épicerie has collaborated with photographer Ludovic Florent to make the season 2014-15′s documents for the Arts Center La Rose Des Vents in Lille, France. From the underwater portraits of Ludovic Florent, those designers have thought posters, catalogues and a whole art direction, from the characters’ title to the graphic design.

Portraits Made with Tiny Letters

Polish designers For Brands wanted to pay tribute to Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen through two black and white posters. The originality of these posters is in the fact that the portraits are made from letters : the initials of the two architects, AJ and PH. Available in limited edition, to discover in images.