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Dangerous Liaisons Book Redesigned with a Double Reading Way

For a school’s work, Éva Valicsek, Hungarian, wanted to work on the epistolary novel of Choderlos de Laclos : “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”. She has thought to instaure a double reading way that distinguishes the letters of the two main characters Valmont et Merteuil, from the other correspondants in order to show the contrast there is between the different morals of each character.

3D Printing From A Pool of Resin

Here Carbon3D, a new method of 3D printing, using a continuous liquid interface production technology. The machine operates with the light and oxygen for continuous manufacture of objects from a resin tank at a fast speed which is 25 to 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing methods.

Don’t Measure a Woman’s Worth by Her Clothes Ad

Swiss feminist group Terre des Femmes and the Miami Ad School of Hamburg have recently launched the campaign “Woman’s Worth” that defends the fact that women can dress up whatever they want. The three posters show a chest, legs and feet with the measures of a ruler that calculate the length of a skirt, the height of shoes wheels and the depth of a low-cut by assimilating them with prejudices.

3D Printing Helps Build Sagrada Familia

With the help of 3D printing, the Antoni Gaudí‘s Sagrada Familia will finally see the day on the horizon 2026. According to the BBC, the technical office of the church responsible for the realization of the project moves from handcrafted prototypes to printed plaster models in 3D. This allows them to create models in 12 hours and manipulate different modular post-print parts with two 3D-printer models available on site.

Lettering with Cake Typography

“Printing Friends” is a design and creativity magazine printed by Danagård LiTHO in Sweden. In 2014, they have rethought the magazine by focusing on arts such as illustration, photography, typography and personal stories. For the issue 8 – “Food”, studio Snask (who did the project Craft), has designed the cover with the P and F letters under the shape of a cream cake.