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Surreal Human Landscapes Collages

Spanish artist Rocio Montoya, whose we already have talked about for her flowery portraits and collages, comes back with a series entitled “The Island” which focuses on the woman as an island. Commissioned by the website Trendland, the idea was to talk about the female body like a surrealistic landscape using symbolic elements of nature and the deconstruction of a bust.

The Street Art of Bus Stop

Street-artist Vermibus collects advertising prints in the streets of Berlin and works on models’ identity transformation, by hiding the logo of the brand. Through his artworks, he wants to stand against the standards beauty and the exaggeration of retouch on models’ faces and bodies. He puts the posters back where they belong : in the street.

Revisited Oscars Nominees Posters in an Oriental Style

In tribute to the movies in competition for the Oscars 2015, Lebanese graphic designer Michel Achkar has made a collection of revisited movie posters in an oriental style, for the website Cinemoz. The series “Arabs Crash Hollywood” gathers movies such as Birdman, Foxcatcher, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Grand Budapest Hotel which posters have been re-thought like Lebanese or Egyptian posters.