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Typographic and Graphic Games Quotes Prints

Kyle Robertson is a graphic designer based in London. He created a black and white posters set in which he plays with the typography and graphic according to the quote of leading figures he wants to highlight, as the artist Evan Robertson. On some creations, eyes like to be lost during reading. Research of the perfect design is amazing and original.

Bold Quotes Posters Featuring Great Leaders

Dennie Soetopo is an art director and a graphic designer based in Jakarta. He created a posters’ collection for the Indonesian platform “Opini” which encourages people to give their opinion. Uncluttered design creations are made with quotes of famous leaders of United States and Indonesian History and from different fields like high technologies, politics or sport.

Batman V Superman Posters

After the trailer, focus on the official movie posters of “Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice” directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. The Warner Bros has released two portraits of superheroes showing their signs hiding their faces. The movie will be released on 25th march 2016 in theaters, starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.

New 3D Printed Clothes Collection by Iris Van Herpen

Iris van Herpen continues to explore 3D printing for her new collection “Terraforming”. She has worked with other textures and techniques such as laser-cut and translucent crystals. For her line Fall/Winter 2015, she has collaborated with architect professor Philip Beesley and designers specialized in 3D : Aleksandra Gaca for the textile and Japanese Nortaka Tatehana for the shoes.

A Big Drawing with Circles Symbolizing Births and Deaths

Artist Sam Winston wanted to commemorate births and deaths everyday and around the world, with his huge illustration entitled “Birthday”. The fresco will be exhibited in Bristol, at the Mayfest, from 14th until 24th may, where the visitors could draw their own circles next to the artists’ ones and write the names of new-borns and dead ones in a registrer.

Toolbox Paper Art

French studio REVERBERE has imagined a toolbox entirely made of papier, in tribute to constructions games of their youth. Each mechanism is functional : the drill, the paint brushes, the meter and the pliers. A project that dives us into a childish universe where fun and design confront.