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Dicaprio Suits in Minimalist Posters

Depending movies that starring the famous actor Leonardo Dicaprio, he always wears an elegant and recognizable suits. This is what this series of minimalist posters, created by artistic director Zi Wei Tan, looks over. These posters are a beautiful wink to the actor and to the movies he is starring in. To discover in images.

Goal Board Calendar

Designers from The Linear Calendar have created The Goal Board : a calendar with 3 sections gathering the year, semesters and months. For each section, all you have to do is writing your goals and keep your promesses. This calendar came to life thanks to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. To discover.

Hunger Games Alphabet

Talented illustrator Risa Rodil created a reinterpretation of the alphabet by bringing it to the Hunger Games’ universe. A great work by this 21-year-old artist from the Philippines, who manages to use major elements developed in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. To discover.

Erotic Film Festival Posters

Lowe Vasovie agency conducted with illustrator Bart Bialy a series of posters to highlight the “Kino Praha Erotic Film Festival” that took place last May. Funny diversions of great references to the seventh art, such as Star Wars or Titanic, playing humorously on the positions of figures to give them a whole new meaning.

Longbow Business Cards

Australian design studio Filter made these unexpected business cards for Longbow Productions. Including the name of the company, each card can also be used as an longbow with its detachable three-part structure. A funny and original idea to discover in images in the article.