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Digital Organic Art

As part of his interesting project “Progress Before Perfection”, Joey Camacho reveals here one of his last digital abstract creations, depicting aesthetic organic elements. From the realistic to the most conceptual, his art is perfectly made, inviting the viewer to contemplate all the details during a long moment. More below.

Vivid Colors Identity for Bakery Amado

“Amado” by Hyatt is an artisanal Mexican bakery, offering typical and regional candies which are unique by their vivid colors and various textures. Studio Anagrama, whose we have already talked about, got busy inventing their packagings and branding by getting inspired by the architect Luis Barragán’s modern style, the classico-romantism of poet Amado Nervo and the vivid palette of their candies.

3D Printed Fonts

Zhou Hongtao is a designer, artist and researcher working in the interdisciplinary areas of furniture design, sculptural installation and architecture. “Textscapes” merges font design with 3D printing to generate 3D documents which the reading process become an interactive and artistic experience not only for the general audience but blind individual as well.

Friends TV Show Iconic Poster

For 10 years, the series Friends held spellbound millions of fans. The studio Re:design composed of Eurydyka Kata and Rafał Szczawiński wished to honor the TV Show by creating a set of 236 icons grouped on a single poster. Each icon captures the essence of the most important moments of each episode. To discover.

Redesigned Wes Anderson’s Movie Posters

Concepción Studios, a California-based studio known for its music bands’ posters, has designed minimalist and retro posters representing 5 movies of Wes Anderson with symbols : we can see for instance the letters exchange in Moonrise Kingdom, the tennis field where Richie Tenenbaum loses and also Steve Zissou’s submarine in The Life Aquatic. You can order these on their shop Etsy.