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KFC Paper Tray as Keyboard

Fast-food chain KFC has invented a smart system to enable customers to use their smartphones without leaving oily fingerprints on their touchscreen : they created the “Tray Typer”, a durable paper tray put on a wireless keyboard connected via Bluetooth. Find out more in video.

Black and Gold Branding by Eskimo

Russian conception agency Eskimo has created the visual identity of Boid Magazine. The concept is based on a medieval legend, where a black dragon protects a big bank. The golden touch refer to gold and fire. As for materials, the objects are made of deep black leather, textured cardboards and felt. To discover through Anatoly Vassiliev’s photographs.

Moleskine Creates a Paper World for Alice in Wonderland

Moleskine commissioned the director Rogier Wieland for their limited edition collection of notebooks “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”. He staged a real bunny in the middle of handmade paper decors that retake the fantasy world of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairytale : the tea scene, the changing sizes of the animal, the roses-ladies and Mad Hatter’s hat.

From Books to Trees

To educate kids and teach them where do books come from, publisher Pequeno Editor and agency FCB Beunos Aires have co-created a collection of eco-friendly books that can be replanted and return to a tree after the reading. The “Tree Book Tree” is a book with a free-acid paper and ecological ink which pages contain jacarandas seeds that grow up, once they’re planted.