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Food Design by Aaron Tilley

London-based photographer Aaron Tilley offers us a Food Design series where he uses pasta as patterns for the ground, and even as stairs structure. On a second series of three photos, he shows his talents by several demonstrations such as mushrooms sculpture and a slice of cake covered with a beautiful garden. To discover in the article.

Borealica Identity

Mexican studio Anagrama (which we already have talked about) proposed to create a visual identity for the clinic Boreálica, specialized in cryotherapy. From grey, white and holographic foil reflecting different colors, designers wanted to represent temperatures. To discover.

3D Typography Numbers

French studio RDN, based in Nantes, created a series of 3D numbers from 0 to 9 on very colorful backgrounds. On each number, an animation seems to happen : a twisting number, another that throws balls and more… To discover in images in the article.