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Cloud Table

“The Cloud” is a table for 6 people thought by Danish designer Emil Skovgaard and his team. Made of american walnut, wood of African padauk and tempered glass, this modern and elegant table presents organic angles and structure. A cloud on which we can have dinner, to discover.

Exo Wardrobe Furniture

French designer Grégoire de Lafforest imagined the “Exo” wardrobe according to the exoskeleton model referring to a kind of external shell that protects and supports an animal. By reference, this designer created a noyer US wardrobe (wood) which finds its balance thanks to an external skeleton made of black patina metal. A furniture edited in 12 copies by the Gosserez gallery, to discover.

Papercraft Animals Series

Using paper and his expert hands, the artist PaperWolf whose real name is Wolfram Kampffmeyer manufactures small animals with great sensitivity. As toys or taxidermy trophies, these creations are available in different colors and bring a delicate and childish touch at home. To discover in images.

Amazing Installation in Palais de Tokyo

Currently at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the collective exhibition “Inside” offers visitors a passage to the interior of the self, for which the exhibition space serves as a metaphor. The design collective Numen / For Use which we had already spoken before made a gigantic construction consists of 44 km of strips of cellophane woven around pylons and accommodating 5 people at once. To discover in images.

Cubical House

After their S-House which played on transparency and staircases’ structure, Japanese studio Yuusuke Karasawa Architects had the idea to think the Villa Kanousan in the shape of a cube, in Honshu Island in Japan. With its original interior, this two storey-house was imagined with the theme of “cubic void”, cutting parts of walls and grounds in geometric and cubic forms, deconstructed and angular.

Recycling Hair to Design Beautiful Items

To design such beautiful objects, the design studio Swine based on extensive research it performs worldwide to renew creative design processes and achievements. For this project named Hair Highway, we learn how the studio immerse itself in the Chinese hair resale to adapt it to design product. To discover in the Making-of.