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Miniature Cage-like Balconies Attached to a Building

For the Lodz 4 Cultures Festival, artist Isaac Cordal cages in little balconies miniature characters on a building’s facade in Lodz, Poland. Entitled “Sasiedzi” (“neighbors”), this artwork shows isolated protagonists demonstrating the idea of being together but alone and without any communication because of new technologies. Some figurines hold a mobile phone, head down to the screen, or call someone in order to show that they communicate elsewhere, through smartphones instead of the current moment.

Colorful Cave Pavilion Installation

The team of SelgasCano imagined a multicolored pavilion for this annual edition of the “Serpentine Gallery Pavilion”, which happened in London. Made of sheets and strings that make us think about webs, this installation was created in order to create a “secret corridor” inspired by the chaotic structure of London’s underground. This architectural artwork will be exhibited until 18th October.

A Redesign of Kelloggs Special K Package

California-based graphic designer Mun Joo Jane has recently refreshed the packaging of the Kellogg’s – “Special K” cereals in a very creative, aesthetic and more mature redesign. She gave to the packaging a cylindrical shape with measures put on the box, far from the idea we have of a traditional cereals packet.

Vertical Record Turntable

Gramovox which we already present the work work, created a vertical turntable named “Floating Record Vertical Turntable”. This creation plays records in the vertical and is composed of full-range stereo speakers allowing to restitute the particular sound of records. The project is proposed on Kickstarter.

Black and White Geometric Lamps

Design firm Shift, based in Mexico, started the lamps collection U32 for the brand LampsLite. The first model, U32-1, was built with metal and explores the concept of geometry, tension and the structure of the modern city landscape. They were inspired by icosaedric shapes to build an angular and complex geometry.