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Graphic Warp Table Mat

This fabric table mat is a prototype made by A.P Works. The graphic distortion that compose the grid pattern of the fabric seems to be caused by the weight of table elements such as the plate and cutlery. This is a beautiful and ingenious optical illusion designed in blue and white. More below.

Smart Wooden Objects

Pana Objects is a little design agency based in Thailand. Wood lover, its team works on creating smart design objects which facilitate life and make it more enjoyable. With very pure shapes, the wood is subtlety elaborated. A selection of Pana’s office accessories are to discover in the gallery.

Mirage Pavilion with Mirrors

Besides furniture, the Studio Nomad also creates installations. For the music Hungarian festival Sziget, which happens each year, they have imagined this installation named “Mirage Pavilion”, inspired by camouflage patterns of World War II’s battleships. This ephemeral artwork features 1200 mirrors in losange, suspended in the middle of trees.

A Room Turned into a Reflective Lake

Artist Douglas Gordon has transformed the ground of the Park Avenue Armory into a giant reflective lake. The installation “Tears Become… Streams Become…” hosted French pianist Hélène Grimaud for ten performances in this aesthetic place by its symmetry. At the beginning of her performance, the ground was dry, then when she started to play, the water begun to spread and pour through the room. To discover until 4th January.