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Wooden Oli-Bird House

Designer Nikolo Kerimov has imagined the bird house “Oli-Bird” by wanting to design a luxury shelter for little birds. The bird will live in the circular home made of transparent glass from which he could observe the exterior. Coppered and wooden touches for the roof and facade have been added.

Morgan Aero 8 Car

The English car brand Morgan Motor has unveiled the fifth and next-generation of its iconic model Aero 8. This new design was influenced by classic convertibles 60s. From above, the view echoes the deck of a boat, a mark of the adventure’s spirit and escape.

The Popping Josie Chair

After Fruit Ninja, Italian design studio Mathery comes back once more with the Josie chair : a chair inspired by the movie “Never Been Kissed” and the poor character Josie Grossie (played by Drew Barrymore) who is always alone, sitting on a chair, at parties. The designers wanted to design a chair that pops colorful confettis in order to bring the party to Josie.

Human Emotions Typography

French creative Beatrix Gevigney is behind the project “Human Type” : a series of portraits that connects an emotion to a typographic character Helvetica, where each letter represents a feeling that can be read on the model’s face. She was inspired by a quote of Victor Hugo : “The form is the content that rises to the surface”.

The Flowers Rainy Cloud

The Rainy Pot is a flowers pot made in silicone and plastic by Korean designer Jeong Seungbin from DailyLife Lab. This pot is attached to a little cloud that we fill of water when we want it to rain and arrose our plants. Available in blue for 24$ , find out more in video and images.