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Trace Lamp

American designer John Irons has imagined the Trace lamp : a minimalist light that the user can build himself very easily. The idea was to create a lamp with the less material as possible, that we can build and re-build rapidly but that also keeps its function. You can support this project on Kickstarter.

Beige Concept Store by Nendo

For the fashion brand BEIGE, japanese studio Nendo (whose we already have talked about) has imagined the interior of their concept store at the Tamagawa Takashimaya shopping center in Tokyo. The client wanted multifunctional spaces : that’s why the studio cuts the space in 3 levels : “library” with books on shelves, “store” with clothes suspended on hangers, “gallery” with objects on side tables.

Manufract’s Jewellery

German designer Marcel Dunger created a collection of jewels called “Manufract” : rings, earrings and necklaces made from broken pieces of maple wood and natural resin. The artist drew his inspiration from the phenomenon of trees’ self-healing which suffer and produce automatically resin. Handmade accessories with pastel colors, to discover.

Commando Creative Collages

In his series “Commando Creative”, French creative Mister Blick takes famous war photographs to make flowers’ collages. Amaryllis and tulips replace the bazookas and guns of the soldiers in black and white ; the American flag of the Iwo Jima battle becomes a big pink flower that the soldiers raise proudly. A poetic way to soften the violence and the bullets with a few petals.

Origami Umbrella

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman, Nooka‘s brand designers have designed “The Sa”, an umbrella with an innovative design. Indeed, the two designers get inspired by origami structure and designed this geometric umbrella with an eco-friendly material choice and an ingenious mechanism. More details in images and video.

Two Legs Chair

Parisian designer Benoit Malta has imagined the two-legged wooden chair “Inactivité”. He defines it as a “bearable discomfort”. The idea was to create a chair that could fight against inactivity and that will oblige the user to maintain himself with little movements, to find the right position in order to keep the balance. A smart way to make your exercices and read a book at the same time.

White Store in Amsterdam by XML

In the heart of Amsterdam, in an underground gallery dating back to the 17th century, architecture office XML has designed a water and vitamin drinks store. All white everything, the core element of the scheme is a 9-meter long translucent bar containing 28 tube lights that creates a bright, glowing volume amidst the distinct hue of crimson that defines the area.

Wintercroft Masks Design

Steve Wintercroft designed a series of brilliant three-dimensional mask templates. Ingenious and fun, masks can be easily constructed with simple tools, cereal boxes and old cardboard found at home. The three series animal, halloween and humanoid are available for purchase through the artist shop.

Circular Calendar 2015

For the second year running, is proposed on the websiteCircular Calendar as the name indicate it, a circular calendar enabling a better visualization of calendar weeks, daily sun, moon cycles, summer and winter solstices, spring and autumn equinox. Really closed to the fried egg graphism, this calendar is a beautiful allegory of years running repeatedly, perpetual cycle of going in circles time.

Tyrsamisu Typography

Focus on the latest creation of French artist Tyrsa : the “tyrsamisu” between the typography and the pastry-making. Letters are in chocolate, raised on layers of creams, coffee and cacao powders. A collaboration with the pastry-chief Benoît Castel who has shared three different tiramisu’s recipes for the Parisian bakery LIBERTÉ. To discover through an Axel & Julien’s video.