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Kangaroo Clock

The designer David Raffouli designed for Fabrica this beautiful “Kangaroo Clock”, which takes its name from the small “pocket” dug to place an object such as a brush or any other accessory. A nice idea made ​​with elegance to be discovered in the article.

Frost by Mads Botker

“Frost” is a series of events taking place in Copenhagen during the month of February. The final concept for 2013 was built on the idea of ​​the experience itself in a confined space. The experiment is performed using red and blue colored liquids, placed together or separately, each experiment provides a different result.

Ouzo Packaging Design

Dolphins agency recently completed the packaging of those pretty bottles for drinks brand well known in Greece called Ouzo. With pretty black illustrations and colorful funds, the brand managed to break away from the competition while pointing out its history with Hellas.

The Current Table

Marjan Van Aubel imagined “The Current Table”, a piece of furniture with simple and successful design but can also be a source of energy. Indeed, the table contains a light-sensitive panel and can subsequently reload an electronic object via a USB port. A project that combines pleasure & smart use to discover in the article.