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Snow Graffitis in Chicago

For Comida Mexicana, American agency Lapiz has planned a very particular street art operation in the snowy streets of Chicago. With snow, a team went decorating the walls of the city with graffitis that invite to connect on “” and funny messages with beautiful typographies.

Wooden Playful Furniture Blocks in an Office

The project “Ekimetrics” in Paris consists in the setting of 1000 square meters of offices with furniture and wooden blocks that allow a pleasant and ludic interactions for the employees. Architect Estelle Vincent is the creator of the installations “Eki.Cube”, “Eki.Truck”, “Eki.Table”, “Eki.Gallery” and “Eki.Cabane” that are between professional meetings and convivial spaces.

The Arboreus Bench

Italian studio Rota-Lab has imagined the bench “Arboreus”. With its wooden rising and waving branches, this bench has been entirely made by hand with American walnut tree and massive ash. Inspired by natural and organic shapes, this sculpture can be an interesting playground for your pets.

The Spaghetti Bench

With his collection “Bancs Spaghetti”, designer Pablo Reinoso re-invents the conventions of the public benches’s design basing on the theme of the “spaghetti” pastas. Made in wood, these benches have extremities that climb and curl like spaghettis, with a movement that fits to the architecture of the place they have been thought for.