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The Street Art of Bus Stop

Street-artist Vermibus collects advertising prints in the streets of Berlin and works on models’ identity transformation, by hiding the logo of the brand. Through his artworks, he wants to stand against the standards beauty and the exaggeration of retouch on models’ faces and bodies. He puts the posters back where they belong : in the street.

Mercedes Benz Blind Spot Assist

Here is the new Mercedes-Benz campaign created by the Hamburg-based agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski. We see motorcyclists wearing giant rear-view mirrors and accompanied by the slogan “See what your rear-view mirror doesn’t”. The three posters are designed to promote the usefulness of the “Blind Spot Assist” function of the Sprinter model which can deeply help motorists on the road.

Facebook Spots Ads

To celebrate its 11th anniversary, Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, just released two spots that wonder about the way this social network connects people between each other and participates to reenforce local or international friendships thanks to the worldwide initiative The two spots “Friend Request” and “Erika & Esmeralda” are to discover.

Children Playing With Condoms

A year after the campaign “Lock up your guns” the organization of security of firearms, Evolve continues its commitment and distilled once more again its slogan “If they find it, they’ll play with it”. The agency McCann NY has produced four print ads. Each print depicts children playing with condoms and wondered what it would cause if condoms were weapons.

Illustrations Movie Posters for BAFTA 2015

British creative agency Human After All and illustrator Malika Favre got busy with the print campaign of the BAFTA Awards 2015 ceremony. “The Big Reveal” is a series of 5 retro and neo-noir illustrations in the form of posters showing the main movies in competition : Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything et Birdman.

Superbowl Mophie Commercial

Mophie is a smartphone case maker and surely has delivered one of the best advertising aired during halftime of the Superbowl. Flooded streets, snowstorm, goats stand on donkeys and priests steal flat screens : it’s the Apocalypse. Earth seems to disintegrate being completely engulfed by space. Yes, God apparently has low battery on its smartphone. To discover.

Museum of Supernatural History Paper Art

For Hermès Maison Shanghai, French artists Zim & Zou, that we’ve talked about here, have worked during 3 months on the creation of vitrines inspired by “cabinets de curiosités” that we can see in Natural History Museum. All in paper and leather, the installation “Museum of Supernatural History” gathers animals around two themes : “Air and water” and “Earth”.