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Black and Gold Branding by Eskimo

Russian conception agency Eskimo has created the visual identity of Boid Magazine. The concept is based on a medieval legend, where a black dragon protects a big bank. The golden touch refer to gold and fire. As for materials, the objects are made of deep black leather, textured cardboards and felt. To discover through Anatoly Vassiliev’s photographs.

Save The Beaches

Because of the impact of the oceanic pollution and the global warming, the Surfrider Foundation published a video to alert to the fact that by 2100, 90% of beaches will have disappeared if the situation don’t move. The short movie set up wax-made mannequins, in some beach sceneries and in a showcase to illustrate the fact that moments spend on beached could just be a memory.

Moleskine Creates a Paper World for Alice in Wonderland

Moleskine commissioned the director Rogier Wieland for their limited edition collection of notebooks “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”. He staged a real bunny in the middle of handmade paper decors that retake the fantasy world of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairytale : the tea scene, the changing sizes of the animal, the roses-ladies and Mad Hatter’s hat.

Absolut Creation Pure

Discover here the new video campaign “Création Pure” of Absolut Vodka. This film focuses on the art of conception by staging an atelier where illustrators and designers use of their savoir-faire to give life to this famous bottle : draw its silhouette, sketch the portrait of Lars Olsson Smith and think about the typography of its logo to come to the finale product. A very beautiful spot to discover in the article.