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Lolea Identity

Lolea is the personal project of friends who want to share what they love. Products are Sangrias quality made ​​by craftsmen: good wine is made with natural ingredients. Because Lolea is a tribute to friendship, family, celebration and joy, always served very cold with a slice of lemon and orange.

Khulu Soap Packaging

South-African design studio Fanakalo imagined for brand Khulu Soap these beautiful packaging, playing with talent on different graphic universes and compositions to provide us packagings with the most beautiful effect. To discover in the article.

NikeFuel Box in New York

Nike had the excellent idea to offer without warning in New York recently a distributor not to get drinks, but for various sections of the brand to the point like socks or a shirt. For these objects, just not exchange money, but the Fuel invented by the brand for its connected as Nike+ FuelBand by plugging in USB.

Nike Jordan – Re2pect

For the brand Jordan, agency Wieden+Kennedy New York asked Matt Aselton to direct a spot as a tribute to the baseball legend Derek Jeter who will be retired at the end of the 2014 season. Named “Re2pect” after his player number, the video shows celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Tiger Woods and Jay-Z, tipping their cap for him, before he throws his ball, like a ritual.