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The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation is an installation conceived by Jody Xiong in order to denounce human fictitious relationships and loneliness caused by the pervasiveness of computers in everyday life. The artist has consequently arranged a hundred figurines locked in jars, the whole giving form to a giant computer keyboard. More details in images et vidéo.

Gold Jumpman Installation

Arranged at Chicago Nike Town, this installation is actually a heap of gold-plated sneakers-shaped slabs, hanging from the ceiling and placed in order to represent Michael Jordan from his Air Jordan logo. A fabulous sculpture created by American artist Michael Murphy . More details in images and video.

Syria War In Reverse Campaign

Created by Martin Stirling and the association of international ONGs, this spot is intended to draw attention to the silence and violence of Syria shelling. With an effect of reverse, the video raises awareness about the fact that even if we can not change the past, it is still possible to contend together for the future of the country and civilian’s life. A petition has also been organized on WithSyria website.

Nike Lebron 12 Design

Nike recently unveiled in its Nike Campus in Portland the new model of Lebron 12, symbol of a new collaboration between the brand and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar Lebron James. A pair with a futuristic design to discover in our article with more images and videos.