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Snow Graffitis in Chicago

For Comida Mexicana, American agency Lapiz has planned a very particular street art operation in the snowy streets of Chicago. With snow, a team went decorating the walls of the city with graffitis that invite to connect on “” and funny messages with beautiful typographies.

Brands by Hand Lettering

“Brand by Hand” by Sara Marshall, a creative mind living in New-Zealand, is a project of typography that explores the different possibilities of logos for different brands such as FedEx, Burger King, Subway, Flickr, YouTube, Skype, Evian and Coca-Cola. The logos have been made by hand and conserved their initial colors.

Drinkable Billboard Serving Coca Cola

For the NCAA Men’s Final Four competition, Coca Cola and Ogilvy & Mather have imagined a “drinkable billboard” : it’s an ad billboard installed at the White River State Park in Indianapolis that gives Coca Cola Zero for free to passer-by, through a massive straw. Like a public fountain, this installation features 6 straws, 16 captors and 75 valves to bring the soda to people.

NYC Service Poster Campaign

The New York City volunteer service has been facing a problem increasingly urgent : to convince New Yorkers to volunteer for their city. The agency Sid Lee has realized the colorful campaign of prints catch-phrased “Good for you good for your city” accompanied with a clothing line to attract the attention of the citizens.

Volvo Life Paint Campaign

Focus on the latest promotional campaign of Volvo made in collaboration with the London agency Grey. Entitled Volvo Life Paint, the campaign highlights that 19,000 accidents occur each year in Britain and in which a bicycle is involved. The brand therefore proposing a transparent spray paint which, when applied to clothing, reacts to light in the night. This would allow cyclists to be better view by motorists and reduce the number of accidents.