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IKEA – Wonderful Everyday

Directed by Keith Schofield and produced by Caviar, here is the new IKEA campaign in the UK: “Every wonderful day” brings family friendliness, ergonomics and design in a dynamic video that shows a family kitchen in constant motion, but however when everything goes smoothly.

The Johammer J1 Motorcycle

In addition to its design and its original and innovative aesthetics, motorcycle Johammer J1, designed and produced in Austria, is the first electric motorcycle series capable of reaching beyond 200 km thanks to its supply system innovative energy. A beautiful setting for lovers of design and technology to discover photos later in the article.

Rock Band Icons

The design studio Tata&Friends made ​​these illustrations icons groups most famous rock. A series of posters that define the names of the various known groups using simple graphics on a yellow background. The game is fun to take a look at each illustration and guess the name of the group based on pictograms, before reading the name appointed bottom of the poster.

Toronto Raptors – We The North

Facing at the playoffs in the NBA the Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference, the franchise Toronto Raptors offers us with “We The North” an incredible spot, playing with intelligence on their uniqueness – only Canadian team in this stage of the competition – to stand out and show it as a hostile and unique territory. Incredible to see in the following article.

Hermès – Man On The Move

Photographer Romain Laurent directed a spot for Hermes and his spring-summer 2014 collection for men. Playing with talent on the place of the body in the city, the dancer Jérémie Bélingard unveils new clothes every interaction he has with the decorative elements. A Solab Production very successful to discover in the article.

Amnesty International Freedom Candles

Ogilvy has done for Amnesty International campaign the most successful advertising combining spot and auction to help obtain funding. With Freedom Candles, a video spot reveals thoughts Coarse candles representing situations of violence and deprivation of freedom, revealing after consummation hope symbols hidden under the original wax. Note that 30 candles will be auctioned on eBay in limited editions on April 19.