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Air Max Day in Metro Station

To celebrate the Air Max Day 2015 on March 26, Nike decided to settle in the Parisian Metro. the ghost station, located between Republic and Strasbourg-Saint-Denis on line 9 to Pont de Sèvres, hosts a stunning light installation consists of red and blue giant bubbles, and a sparkling logo.

Don’t Measure a Woman’s Worth by Her Clothes Ad

Swiss feminist group Terre des Femmes and the Miami Ad School of Hamburg have recently launched the campaign “Woman’s Worth” that defends the fact that women can dress up whatever they want. The three posters show a chest, legs and feet with the measures of a ruler that calculate the length of a skirt, the height of shoes wheels and the depth of a low-cut by assimilating them with prejudices.

One Song Is Not Enough Campaign

Canadian agency Bleublancrouge has launched a print campaign for the radio station CHOM 97,7, since december 2014. On the signature “One song is not enough. Listen the whole vinyl album on Chom”, the creatives wanted to highlight the absurdity to listen to songs outside of an album’s context. They have cut vinyls’ covers of OMS, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, ACDC and U2, in one slice to show one song.

Charity Arcade in Swedish Airports

For the Red Cross, Swedish agency åkestam.holst wondered how could people give donations in airports. At the Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport, they had the ludic idea to place paying arcade games, such as Pac Man or Space Invaders, that will be used to entertain waiting people before a flight or taking back their luggages. The money will be given directly to the Red Cross.