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Wooden Origami Furniture Collection

Designer Aljoud Lootah, specialized in products conception and based in Dubai, made this furniture collection called “Oru” (meaning “fold” in Japanese). She wanted to explore the geometric shapes and the origami art though these creations in teck wood, felt and polished copper that seem to fold as easily as paper. The chair, the cabinet, the mirror and the lamp are to discover.

“Kidon” Title Seqeunce

On 19 January 2010, Mabhouh was killed in his room in a hotel in Dubai. He had been followed by at least 11 individuals suspected of being Mossad agents.   This title sequence depicting Mabhouh’s alleged assasination, was stylistically based on 60s-70s graphics, referenceing the likes of Saul Bass, Milton glaser and Paul Rand.    [...]

Burj Khalifa Base Jump

Fred Fugen andVince Reffet have made ​​a world record jump from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. For this occasion, the two men jump from a platform built for the occasion. Equipped with tank red smoke, the jump is entirely traced by the red smoke. A beautiful rendering to discover photos and video.

The Shipping Yard

Brandon Li spent several days in company of workers in the shipyards in Dubai. The result is this video ‘The Shipping Yard’ very successful, highlighting, with a neat and original creation, the work of these men from the day to load and unload ships on a music by Keith Kenniff.

Christopher Kennedy – Photo Luminism

Christopher Kennedy is an emerging contemporary artist. The vibrant photography-based works, hot-printed onto treated metal, are proving a tremendous success with private collectors and corporate clients across the US, South America and the UK. “The images glow with light. Seeing them in the flesh is an experience” Clients include Hyatt Regency Chicago, Conrad Hilton Dubai [...]