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Flow of Taipei

Bito is a motion design stiudio based in Tawian. This illustrated video was made for IdN magazine.We collected all the fragments of everyday life moments, transferred them from video to cel animation. By adding colors and brushstrokes to enhance the humanists, which is the essence of Taiwan that we believed in.  

It Happened on the same day

Director : Fabien Vantroys Music : Sean Callery – Elementary main theme   Il s’agit d’un générique pour une emission de tv (qatar tv). Un mix d’animation 2d et de motion graphics réalisé sur after effects.  

Right Places – a short animated movie

A gallery of background art from a short, independent animation created in about 6 months by one person. The movie’s setting is based on modern Japan, Kobe city. On YouTube here: Staff:- direction, animation, background etc. Mateusz Urbanowicz ( voice acting: 小倉 紀子 (Ogura Noriko)- voice recording: 坂尾 千春 (Sakao Chiharu)- music: Doelman (

The perfect cycle – Director’s Cut

In this commercial for the Brazilian drink Gauraná Antarctica, I wanted to create the effect of one continuous shot that would illustrate the perfect cycle of the “energy” inside Guraná Antarctica. The animation was the result of a collaboration with my friends from Dialogue. Director – Paco Art Direction & Animation – Dialogue

Disney – Big Hero 6 Trailer

After the success of Frozen, teams of Walt Disney unveiled the new 3D animated movie called Big Hero 6. Inspired by a Marvel comic book, animated film to come out in the fall in the U.S. and in France in February underlines and combines action and humor in a trailer to discover in the article.

POP ON OP: an interactive real-time animation object-book

POP ON OP is an interactive real-time animation object-book in which you can experience movement directly on paper with a special film. This first PARRATORO’s Kickstarter campaign is meant for people to have a lot of fun playing with the film and watching real-time animations right there on paper. PARRATORO is a Brooklyn based  Pictoplasma Academy [...]

Dwarf, partner of Babel agency for the production of three commercials for Réseau Ferré de France

Dwarf Animation Studio is proud to have collaborated with Babel and RFF to realize a mini-saga of three short animated films, both original and intergenerational, dedicated to the fight against dangerous behavior at level crossings. It presents the perilous adventures of hedgehogs; sometimes reckless, sometimes distracted, sometimes in a hurry. From this successful collaboration are [...]

▇ Design weekend 2014

Russian motion designer Arthur Kondrashenkov, graphic designer Denis Bashev and sound designer Dmitry Novozhilov has made a minimalistic logo animation for the biggest design hangout in Russia.                              


Hi. my name is maayan, i’m a 3rd year student at Bezalel art academy (israel). i made a short animation movie about- a women coping with here past. it’s 50′s vibe! hope you like it and share it. thank you.   maayan

Plurabelle – Our Fires

Mattis Dovier a réalisé le clip “Our Fires” de Plurabelle, un groupe roumain de musique électronique qui vient de sortir son premier album “Phantom Pyramid” sur le label Stellar Kinematics. Entre pixel art et animation, la vidéo s’inspire du manga underground et plus précisement du travail de Suehiro Maruo qui mêle horreur et érotisme. Le réalisateur fait aussi [...]

Dip N’ Dance

Hugo Cierzniak travaille dans le cinéma d’animation comme animaeur et a decidé de se lancer dans la réalisation de ce projet de court-métrage ambitieux. Le temps de bien penser le projet, de motiver quelques professionnels de l’image et du son, de réaliser un campagne de crowdfunding sur Touscoprod, de convaincre Delapost Paris d’héberger le projet et la [...]