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Fun with fluids

The demoscene is a computer art subculture that generates beautiful visuals and music out of a few lines of code. But what if a designer and a musician cannot code at all but still want to be part of the movement? The answer is FUN WITH FLUIDS. An award winning animation within the demo scene.     [...]

Mobil1 & Porsche – Directors Cut

Danish art director Anders Schroder from Frame, has made this video featuring a black Porsche coming to life thanks to its hi-tech oil motor Mobil1. All the pieces of the car move and become a furious bull to symbolize the power of the Porsche’s motor. A beautiful mix of live action, animation and special effects, to discover in video.

3D Animation video production

3DYantram Video Editing studio – VIDEO PRODUCTION Studio take care of your budget and video-graphics, editing, 2D- 3D animation, script, music composition, logistics, and voice-over artists. Our video Production team focus to ensuring the best production values for your presentation video.    

Exterior Architectural 3D Rendering – CGI Design

If you are seeking for architectural visualization to assist your marketing campaign for property like commercial, residential, HOTEL, retail, we design 3D Architectural Rendering CGI view. YantramStudio is one of the leading 3d Architectural Animation studios in, providing HD quality architectural renderings.              

« Panta rei » short film

Panta rei is an experimental short film from italian filmmaker and illustrator Ettore Biondo that mixes animation and live action. ( ) Every shot is 2D/2,5D compositing except for the shots at 00:01, 00:08 and 01:59 that are 3D animation, and the shot at 01:53 that is live action. The soundtrack is composed by Los [...]

A Robot in Paris Short Movie

Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Defour and Pierre Jury (all students at the animation school Isart Digital), have directed the short animated movie “L3.0″. The movie tells the story of a “pet” robot named Leo who wanders alone in a post-apocalyptic and boring Paris until the day he meets a new human being.


  A l’occasion de la prochaine édition du festival français de motion design, MOTION+, qui se tiendra à Aix-en-Provence les 3,4,5 décembre 2014, le studio Winship a produit un teaser regroupant différents styles d’animation qui, bien qu’éloignés, s’enchaînent avec une grande fluidité et illustrent bien les grandes tendances du motion actuel.         [...]

8 MINUTES Interactive light installation

“8 MINUTES” Interactive light installation inspired by the Solar flare phenomena that occurred on the Sun. When there is a solar explosion, the red cube lights up, due to the NASA and NOAA open data service, with the same intensity of the wavelength of the phenomenon itself. This makes the 8 hung up white cubes [...]

Dragon Ball Z Animated GIF

Big fan of the famous manga Dragon Ball Z, Thaï designer a href=”″>Phuwadon Thongnoum has created a GIF series representing the heroes of the Japanese series. These very successful animations depict the characters during their transformation into super-warrior, or during their favorite attacks. GIFs of Son Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta to discover in the gallery.

Lucy And The Limbs

Canadian director Edlyn Capulong directed an animation film entitled “Lucy & The Limbs” in which we follow a little girl living in the pines who does an unexpected encounter while she was feeling boring. This film was produced by Sheridan College for a fourth year’s work.

Continuum – Dance and animation short film

“Continuum” is a show exploring time and space through dance and animation technics.Spectators will be involved in the dance… hope you will be too! Created and directed by Natalianne Boucher.Contact: Written and filmed during her graduation year in animation cinema at ENSAD, Paris 2012. Animation and post-production with Scotto Productions and Delapost Paris Production, Paris [...]

Butter Fingers

“Butter Fingers” is an animation video, directed by Jordan Scott, which explores objects that we don’t want to drop on the floor : a grenade, tons of marbles, a donut or a soap. An animation with beautiful illustrations, to discover on the music by Cyrille Marchesseau.

A brief story of the Rabbit

Couple of days ago a new buddy moved in to my apartment – a rabbit called “Basia”. I was really inspired with rabbit movement, so I decided to create a short story about this adorable pet. It was my first attempt to animate a character and I hope you’ll all enjoy it. If you want to [...]