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About PTAK

The designer Sylvaine Beaudeux, creator of the blog PTAK, fully realized this movie in several months of work: from creating the storyboard, over drawing the around 300 drawings required for the animations, to the video editing.  She tells the story of a small bird, which realizes its dreams. On the way of fulfilling these dreams, [...]

Nike – Force of Nature

FIELD studio is behind this creation. It’s an interactive one and it models portraits of runners wearing Nike Free shoes, into a “Force of Nature”. Animation is possible through Kinect technology and a treadmill. Runner travels in immersion and the animation moves and amplify his feeling as he goes long.

The voice over

Hi, here Leo from Dadomani Animation Studio from Italy! We are proud to present you our new stop motion short film, “The voice over”,  i really hope you enjoy it!

A Gigantic 3D-Printed Zoetrope

British artist Mat Collishaw created an awesome zeotrope, totally printed in 3D, called “All Things Fall”. His work is inspired by a set of two paintings of the baroque painter Peter Paul Ruben, named “The Massacre of the Innocents”. The artist shows impressive fastidiousness and attention to detail. This sculpture is composed of 350 figures in a scenery and that is animated when the carousel is turning, illuminated by a strobe light. Animation was directed by Sebastian Burdon.

Lightning in a Twilight Hour – The Death of Silence

Lightning in a Twilight Hour is the new project of Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice, Trembling Blue Stars), “the best unknown singer and songwriter of our time¨. “The Death of Silence¨, a visual experiment over the band´s first single, interlaces motion graphics with oil painted figures, vintage footage and geometrical animation. A world of contrasts, [...]

BATZ, the Full Movie

Production : Kawanimation Paris Written by Max Maleo, Aurélien Predal, Pierre Razetto & Dimitri Cohen Tanugi FR: Vamp et Rouss sont deux chauve-souris que tout semble opposer. Leur rencontre explosive va les propulser dans une aventure déjantée qui va mettre leur vie sens dessus dessous ! UK: Vamp and Rouss are two bats that everything [...]

Between Two Worlds

Ce teaser d’animation réalisé par Marion Favier raconte l’histoire d’un pinaiste né dans un chou à Créteil et de sa rencontre avec deux autres musiciens de talent à Montréal jusqu’à la formation de leur trio de jazz SD3. C’est l’histoire de Simon, Jeanne et Simon qui sortent leur album – Between Two Worlds - 

Drone Football

AMV, Outsider’s Scott Lyon and Pepsi brand transformed a local football area in the street in Barcelona into a spectacular interactive area by using drones, also a projection technology with 30 000 LED lights. With this all material, animations and the sore are projected on the walls and drones are the referee.

Latina Rebranding

Network package design and original production for Latina Perú. 3D and 2D animation.     The esteemed Peruvian television network commissioned us to create an entirely new image inspired by their BrandLab logo. Tying in different facts of Peruvian social values, we went with bold colors, jumping shapes and a motif with an emphasis on [...]

Fox+ branding

Network package for Fox International Channels Latin America. Live action, 3D and 2D animation. This major project represents brand impact at its most powerful. Working with the Fox International Channels Latinamerica team, the goal was to launch all the premium channels under a high-quality brand that communicates the core values to the people. The network was [...]

Bread and Bones “Stick man” the beginning of a restaurant

This is a promotional video for a new restaurant venture in Dublin, Ireland. Shot over 2 days and animated over 1 month by a lone cameraman/animator. It mixes live action with composited animation.   The brief was to engage the expected customer base of the restaurant. This included the music venues and student spots around [...]

Modélisation du personnage

GameYan – solution de guichet unique pour le développement de jeux et de films en 3D, où nous concevons la modélisation haute et basse poly personnage en 3D, le gréement, l’animation, les actifs de jeux avec des effets spéciaux. Certains des jeux 3D Modeling Personnage achevé, le projet Gréement et animation fait par

Paper characters came to life!

Max Saladrigas is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona, passionate with children books and animation movies. You can see more characters and illustrations at  Follow his work at