Casa Mipibu, by the design office Terra e Tuma, embodies a typology of housing very common in São Paulo: a long, narrow plot of land that rises upwards in search of a space without vis-à-vis. The challenge of this project was to stay in an area of 170m2, a dimension granted by the local authorities.

To compensate for the lack of space, the architects designed very open interior spaces, to avoid the sense of suffocation caused by the neighborhood with the houses on the sides. By opening the house to the inside, they were able to build courtyards that allow the house to breathe and make the most of the usable surface area.

In addition to providing the light and ventilation necessary for health and quality of space, these open spaces articulate the rooms. A project that proves that even in an extremely urbanized environment it is possible to build homes that are tailor-made for people.