If China has been in the in the center of attention for the past few months, it’s not for its architectural style . this article highlights the work of Kris Provoost, a Belgian photographer based in Hong Kong who has been capturing buildings and cities of Asia for a decade.

The artist has a very particular approach to photography which he combines with his skills as an architect. He’s combined these best shots into a beautiful book,  « Beautified China ».

“While living and working across China, I was able to appreciate first-hand what a strong influence architecture can have. Not only on how a city looks, functions or develops, but also on how that city represents itself to the outside world. This is where the iconic architecture represented in this book falls into place.”

From arched skyscrapers, infinity loops, and stacked chopsticks to moving tubular curtains, this book offers a glimpse of China’s endless supply of breathtaking architecture.

Through the more or less famous cities of mainland China, the photographer gives us his enthusiastic and unique vision of a country that seems to be bursting with architectural treasures.

The book is available here, and fore more informations visit the website of the artist.