Through her art, Faith Humphrey gives one more reason to love knitting pieces. The mixed-media artist realizes portraits, by using vibrant colors. The threads are used in such a way, that it brings depth, light, and nuances to the depicted faces of people and animals. To do so, Hill uses different tools: her hands for drawing, but also digital art apps and then, o once again, her hand skills to hand-knit the patterns from A to Z. 

About this choice of using two elements combined together, Hill explains in her statement: «  I’m ever curious about the human condition and using my eyes to decode the experiences of others. I want to create warmth and connection amongst humanity. Expose our common thread. Using seemingly juxtaposing mediums and processes to create a unified whole. This feeds the viewer’s eye with a sense of comfort and togetherness ».

In her website,, Hill presents her new pieces and let her public know the evolutions and stories about her work. A good way to follow her, coupled with her Instagram account publications to see even more.