Alessandro Pautasso, also known as « Kaneda », is a digital illustrator based in Turin, in Italy. His style is characterized by large abstract portraits with a hint of Pop Art. « I break down the faces in abstract geometric shapes using strong bright colors that correspond to my style. » he explains to us.

His interest for Art started when he was a child. « All this happened the day I discovered an illustration book about the Beatles by Alan Aldridge. At that moment, I became aware of the profession of an illustrator. My father who worked in a screen printing studio had also brought home the old Mac (LC 475) that was used in the company. I therefore learned by myself the programs installed on it, including Adobe Photoshop 2.5 and 3.0. I became more and more interested in transposing the paper drawing on the Mac. I was finally a huge fan of Dave McKean ; he really made me understand the power of Photoshop and scanner ! » he tells us.

« You know, I am simply a nostalgic fan of the 80-90’s which is why I often draw about pop culture on my personal projects. With my artwork, I just take a break from my daily working reality in an advertising agency. » he finally tells us.