Andrea Antoni, also known as « Style1 » and « Stailuan » on social networks, is an Italian artist who comes from Monfalcone. He is a freelance graphic designer and graffiti writer.

Today, we focus on his Instagram account shots that represent some matches between landscapes and Pantone swatches that he holds in one hand. Those matches are a part of the #STAILtone project that the artist started in November 2014. With his artwork, Andrea just wants to « share a mood or a feeling through colour and composition ».

« Sometimes, the shot is real : I hold a Pantone swatch in one hand, my action-cam in the other and I take a photo. Other times, I just take a photo and add the Pantone swatch in post-production. » he said.  « Sometimes, I only add the colour swatch because I want to show the colours of landscape at the way they are. Others times, I decide to use a given color and I associate it to a photograph that I then modify. I can also take a photograph with a perspective that helps me to create a game of reflections and colors in post-production. » he adds. « Let’s say that my artwork is based on my deep feelings and how my days go. I don’t have a specific editorial plan or a unique production line, I’m just careful to not publish two shots with the same colour one after the other. » he finally tells us.

We love it !