Studio Symbiosis, a multidisciplinary architectural firm, has recently proposed a serie of solutions to clean up Delhi’s air, to fight against the already pervasive pollution: The inhabitants breathe 25 times more toxic air than the limit set by the World Health Organization. The first part of the project called Aura offers two cleaning towers, 60 and 18 meters high, that can suck 360 degrees of polluted air, thus transforming 30 million cubic meters of air a day.

The second proposal is the installation of an 18-meter tower in the city center, a place of massive pollution. The third plausible solution is an aerodynamic system moving across the city, on car’s roofs. The more these cars circulate, the more they clean the city. The last system consists of a network of drones nestled in the cleaning towers, moving in the city, and adapting their path according to the various levels of pollution. The entirety of the proposed solutions would allow all the inhabitants, whatever their social status, to enjoy a pure and healthy air.