With her “Counting Memories” installation, based in Muzeum Śląskie, Poland, Chiharu Shiota explores our memory and our history through a numerical dimension. The Japanese artist, now based in Berlin, offers a huge installation, in which a multitude of figures seem stuck in a gigantic black web made of threads, which emerges from wooden desks. “Each number defines us individually, but at the same time combines on a universal level. Numbers bring us relief, we share dates that are important to us, and they help us understand ourselves. Our story is based on numbers”, explains the artist. 

“Counting Memories” is exposed in Muzeum Śląskie, until April 26, 2020.

Images : © “Counting Memories”, Chiharu Shiota, 2019, Muzeum Śląskie / Katowice / Fot. Sonia Szeląg