A former industrial factory has been transformed into a technology business campus for a renowned bank in Pendik, Turkey by ERA Architects.

The project was inspired by the surroundings of the site and its natural environment. The architects conceived a real contrast between modern buildings and outer zones. A crystal volume is the main workspace and is located on several artificial hills sheltering various functions: auditoriums, cafeterias, meeting rooms, even a computer data center.

«Flexibility and maximizing the daylight is one of the major criteria for the working spaces, the accessibility to the office spaces has been organized through a set of elevated open courtyards where the users circulate and also have the ability to rest and socialize at lounges placed on bridges allowing many surprising views and vistas. The transparency is used to integrate the working spaces with the city, allowing the users to interact and to create different experiences throughout the year», precise the press-release.

Crédit photo: Cemal Emden