We introduced it a few days ago, Nike unveiled its new technology JOYRIDE, integrated into the Joyride Run Flyknit. This new Nike creation is available from August 15th in France.

This technology, consisting of thousands of small balls present in the sole of the shoe, allows a better recovery and a relief of the muscles with each stride, for an effort which can then be more prolonged. The innovation of Nike, allows a better absorption of the impact when the foot is in contact with the ground.

Fubiz had the opportunity to make exclusive images in the presence of five athletes from the French Athletics Team: Renelle Lamote, Mathilde Senechal, Hugo Hay, Baptiste Mischler, Liv Westphal and Jimmy Gressier.

The creatives at Currents studio produced a series of images and a video highlighting Nike’s new innovation, in action at the feet of athletes. In running session or in full stretching session, the Joyride Run Flyknit is unveiled under all the seams, in real conditions.

On the video, in black and white, only the pair of shoes is in color, which gives him plenty of time to express himself. Visual effects recall the marbles that make up Joyride technology.

To complete this visual work, the digital artist Fanny Rollot has made three animated loops affixed to the photos. Each of the animations is reminiscent of the technology and effects it provides when the athlete wears the Joyride Run Flyknit. The balls come alive around the shoe, which reveals its secrets.

These creations offer an original point of view and staging of Nike’s latest innovation.