The «FORMITABLE» line conceived by Lebanese studio Wael Farran based in Beirut consists of different original and eclectic tables, borrowing from minimalist styles and some more traditional tastes for many stunning results, full of creativity. According to the studio, this central and essential piece of furniture in a house or an office brings people together and tells us a story.

«Each ‘formitable’ has its own narrative, one that will continue and evolve in the space it will inhabit. Each table is unique in its design and material as if imprinted with its own DNA. There are no two alike. Executed by seasoned craftsmen, every design takes shape in a fusion of high-end material and form to transform the space around it, gathering memories and conversations from generation to generation.

Every signature table is a masterpiece of exotic fusion between experimental elements, decorative paintings assorted with wood, rusted iron encrusted with soft lacquered wood and oxidized elements mixed with veneers, mother of pearl, metal, bronze, brass and copper», the press release says.

Credits: Wael Khoury et Genia Maalouf