The UCCA Dune Art Museum, located in Qinhuangdao, China, and designed by OPEN Architecture, was awarded «Best in Buildings Under 1,000 Square Metres» Winner of the 2019 AZ Awards, at the Awards Gala held in Toronto on June 21st. «The Dune Art Museum embodies a unique relationship between interior and exterior. The space speaks of the place, and the materiality coherently fosters the concept», said Stefano Pujatti, a member of the jury.

Its organic and minimalist structure unfolds thanks to a bold design that seeks to find timeless forms of space. This unusual cultural edifice brings nature and human prowess together with simplicity. The sand surrounding the art museum makes this place a jewel of the coast matching with the landscape with beauty and respect.

Credits: WU Qingshan & TIAN Fangfang