In her Inktober drawings, Paulette Jo set herself a real challenge. As she always was « afraid of ink », the artist went out of her comfort zone and took the plunge. A good decision when we see the result. « I started to create this simple yet attractive to the eye drawings. I used to draw complex images with a pencil. I wanted to do the same with ink – something that portrayed the same feeling, but with less ‘hard work’. I am still working to aim to such goal of mine », she explains. 

La source

Paulette Jo’s inspiration’s source is really interesting. In fact, it revolves around our inner demons, hidden under pretty faces. « I spent most of my youth idolizing pretty faces, perfect faces, unique faces…faces I wished I could have been born with or at least, interact with. At some point in my life, I realized I had a genuine curiosity about what was going on inside someone’s head. With time, I had the pleasure of interacting with odd people. Somehow, they would trust me about their secrets or feelings they would not openly express. […] I think I was able to combine this curiosity of mine, with these unique stories and my obsession with the human figure into my work», she explains.