« It is the project that I have always wanted to realize because the idea comes from the union of two great passions, Digital Art and Astronomy », says Daniele Leoni.  The Italian digital artist worked here on a magical journey that starts from Earth to the remotest corners of the Solar System. Offering a connection of shapes and colors with a delicate balance between lights and shadows. « It is inspired by the images transmitted by probes like Cassini and New Horizons. I looked at those shots and I imagined how would it be to be right up there, looking closely at the planets and the moons of our Solar System, trying to catch every shade they have to offer ».

« As a child, I used to spend hours looking up at the stards, imagining distant worlds and unexplored Galaxies. Today, the fascination I get by looking at the sky is still as strong as it was. The project is also strictly connected to my dad who passed away recently. We shared love for many things, including this passion of mine. I want to dedicate this project to him because it is the best representation of the bond we had ». A beautiful way to honor his memory with a unique and singular artwork.