In Madrid, hidden in the basement of a nineteenth-century palace, two vaulted brick spaces are the location of the club Bala Perdida. A mysterious and provocative atmosphere characterizes this place, in the manner of a speakeasy. The lightning change and mirrors placed at both ends of each vault give it a seemingly infinite surface.

It is EL EQUIPO CREATIVO who conceived this bold project. It had two main design premises. «On one hand the singularity of the existing space, with two dark subterranean vaults built in brick, as antique caves or cellars. On the other hand, the proposed venue, a night club that should have the versatility to work as a snack and cocktail bar, where a fast mutation would happen at some point of the night, and the general scenery would quickly switch from a warm atmosphere into a lysergic dance floor», we can read in the press release.

Credits: Adrià Goula