« I wanted to make something decorative about an unsual topic », says Julie Wilkinson. The artist, co-founder of Makerie Studio, offers here a singular paper art project called « Manifestation », about hypochondria. « I’ve been hypochondriac for as long as I can remember and I have always had a fascination with medicine and the psychology related to certain conditions. This project was a way of visualising the endless cycle that hypochondriacs often find themselves in, where every feeling is magnified, amplified and where one little ache can turn into multiple symtoms – real or imagined – which take up our thoughts entirely ».

« Multiplying and connecting organs seemed like a simple and clear way of showing this process, overwhelming and intricate image to reflect the barrage of fears running through a hypochondriac’s mind ».

Found more about her work on Makerie studio’s Instagram page : @makeriestudio

Concept & artwork : Julie Wilkinson / Makerie Studio

Photography : Makerie Studio / André Gidoin