Gregory Grozos is creating his very own miniature worlds, now for seven years. Incredible and very detailed, they appear like different tales, each with their very own story. His initial idea was to make an « entirely tiny world, which a person could carry on him/her », he says. After the idea, Gregory started to find ways to make it, «  Each piece I try to make as complete as possible, so as to be called a small world in its own right », he precises. To do so, he sometimes sketches out his designs. Especially for complex pieces when he has to work out the composition. He then explains « At other times, it is more organic, starting out and then letting the piece develop itself. And of course, there is serendipity, where an initial idea might strangely turn into something completely different ».

As an artist, Gregory makes a point on giving something « positive and beautiful to others ». In his work, he tries to put a sense of magic. As he explains: « A child wouldn’t be surprised to turn over a stone and find the entrance to the kingdom of the elves or go up a giant beanstalk to enter the land of the giants. Yet we grow up to lose our imagination and a sense of magic. A bit of that is what I try to put in my art ».