This animated short film tells the story of life in Miami through the not-so-unusual eyes of a Chinese immigrant in the United States who works in a beauty salon. Loneliness, boredom, cultural differences, difficulties in speaking and understanding the language, are humorously narrated with tenderness by a voice that is nevertheless very dark, in contrast to the bright colors and the joyful drawing, entirely drawn by hand, that constitutes the image. Alexa Lim Haas has taken on the crazy challenge of writing, animating and directing this improbable and moving short film on her own. Agua Viva is a plunge into a very personal daily life, but questions the psychological state of an entire society, through a world of coloured pencils, which is also here a world reserved for women.

  Alexa-lim-haas-agua-viva-work-animation-itsnicethat-02 Alexa-lim-haas-agua-viva-work-animation-itsnicethat-01