Elin and Charles met in Paris in 2016. Two artist’s souls who are a couple in life as in work. If Charles, Parisian, has a solid artistic background (« Beaux-arts » of Paris, fashion photography), Elin, Swedish, is self-taught. More than a vocation, art is for them a way of life. “I started teaching Charles the power of the thread and needle, as he encouraged my drawing and photography skills”, she says. Sailing through Europe, they embroider beautiful designs inspired by the architecture they encounter on their way.

It is after a drawing or a sketch that the creation takes shape. “After we’ve developed the composition and color scheme, we transfer the design onto tissue and begin the embroidery process, which involves decisions of techniques, layering and more “, Eline explains. Romantic Parisian buildings, Barcelona’s colors, they transmit, with passion and talent, the virus of travel and creativity.

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