Native from Athens, Charis Tsevis is a professional visual designer and artist. His digital mosaics have gained recognition internationally. His « Endless Summer » series, is mainly inspired by the beach culture « It may look very American sometimes but I really believe it’s deeply Mediterranean if you see the color palette and the lighting », he explains. His pieces, which have, for some, vintage and happy nostalgic aspect, gives the viewer the feeling of going back through memories.

« I wanted to express this bittersweet feeling of looking to old photo albums. I wanted to praise moments of joy, relaxation, love and happiness at the same time to make the viewer realizing that these moments are gone. So it would be good to enjoy them while they last. Or to keep them forever in our mind and soul », says he. 

Finding his inspiration everywhere, Charis Tsevis has his favorite subjects. Believing in humanism and of the « creative, spiritual and positive energy of the human being », he is particularly interested by the relationship between the woman or man with her/his territory. « I love how our land, our home, our place is making us who we are. So my work is very influenced by ethnic traditions, heritages and cultures », he finishes.