The Italian artist Stefano Colferai started a career in football before deciding to hang up the boots and « start to express his creativity using his hands ». He discovered sculpture during a visit of the Disney Pixar exhibition few years ago in Milan. « It was a collection of illustrations, storyboards, sketches, characters, studies and sculptures. There were a Resin sculpture of Sulley from Monster & Co that immediately blew my mind. I realized that it was incredible to make something crafted with that much detail and wasn’t 3D printed. I’m kind of fascinate by handmade details and « perfect imperfection » and that pushed me to try to make my characters with a material that could emphasize an organic effect to make them more alive. From that moment, I decided to move from digital art to sculpture », he says.

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Inspired by everything he would like to possess but can not have, Stefano loves to work on « what I would love to eat that I tasted during a trip around europe or a pair of sneakers too expensive for example. That’s what I love to recreate with my art », he adds. « I’m also inspired by the 90s in which I grew up, from basketball and football celebrities to vintage markets and vinyl stores ». And above all, the process of giving life to his singular characters drives the Italian artist. « Making them move and exploring stop motion is the most joyful and creative part of my job, that’s why it’s my favourite one », he concludes.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @stefanocolferai.

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