Hyuro is an argentinian artist known for her very intimate and personal paintings on various cities street’s walls. From Spain to Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and recently Brasil, this dedicated illustrator offers massive and powerful pieces of art and invites us to dive in her « disturbing and seductive universe, in which her language is honest and forthcoming ». « She doesn’t paint on the street, she talks to the street. And she does it with such respect and affection ». An affection that allows her to make gigantic and unique pieces that you can discover on her Instagram page :@h_y_u_r_o.

“…What remains” au Brésil

“Process of immigration” en Belgique

“Heerlen” aux Pays-Bas

“Times of an applause” en Espagne

“l’Arzdora” en Italie

“The dance as an Act of Resistance” en Belgique

“Patriarcado” en Espagne

“An affective bond” en Écosse

“Reus” en Espagne