The mystical and vibrant drawings of visual artist Ignacia Ossandón – alias Bosquetro – offers us to meet women dancing cheerfully under the stars. The illustrator born in Chile and living in Barcelona gives her protagonists singular energy in picturesque landscapes where nature and femininity seem united with joy and gentleness. Meditative and colourful, her works make us think about astrology, yoga and the connection between the human and the stars.

«I always feel inspired by the earthly and celestial connections to get closer from the outside to the inside and vice versa. The predominant colour in my works is black, but I always try to contrast it with strong hues so all the “dual energy” we need to live is transmitted, she explains. Many things inspire me! I think everything in life has a bit of inspiration: enjoying a conversation, landscapes, nature, photographs, looking around on the bus, sitting [outside], smoking on a balcony. My circle of women, feminism, music and discovering new places and people also inspire me.»

Indeed, her illustrations invite viewers to spiritual awakening and cohesion. «I like to encourage people to follow that path because it helps to be happier», she adds.