« The inspiration came from the mobile phenomenon », says Lily Leung, executive producer at Nikopicto‘s studio. These small characters called « Cell-fies » were created by Nicolas Lesaffre, creative director of the 3D animation and illustration studio, specialized in CGI print and character design. « They’re creatures who lives in an un-discovered planet called « Gotune ». Gotune is a hi-tech planet, all things made of round shapes. The Cell-fies can’t live without their Cellphone and those cuties have a lots of different stupid stories in Gotune », she adds. An inspirational, fun and colorful series, in which the artists payed attention to the finest details. « In a long run, we would love to make it into a short animation series talking about stupid things that happen with our phones », she concludes.

Found more about their work in their Instagram page : @nikopicto_hk.