Here is an innovative solution designed at crossroads of technology, ecology and contemporary art. Thanks to Laurent Tixador, who imagined this urban vegetable garden, the Museum of Art, Nantes, becomes from April 19th to November 4th a window of innovative solutions for a more ecological future.

This futuristic sculpture is entirely crafted with recovery materials, such as a bathtub, plane-tree sticks or salad shoots, etc. This installation is based on a closed circuit : some fishes are swimming in the same water that feeds the plants. It’s called aquaponics. It enables a wholly self-sufficient culture, based on the observation of how the nature works. This could be the best design solution to build greener cities in a near future.

Chantier de construction de l’oeuvre de Laurent Tixador
Musée d’arts de Nantes

Oeuvre de Laurent Tixador “Potager” dans le vitrine du Musée d’arts de Nantes
Avril 2018