A few months ago adidas unveiled, in partnership with Fubiz, its  The Creators Source program. It aims to find and support young creators in the realization of their artistic and musical projects.
We’ve presented you recently the work of the talent photographer: Elliot Broué. It is now the turn of the visual artist Mounir Ayache to reveal himself.

A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Mounir Ayache is at the origin of an approach at the crossroads between several universes. Using new technologies, craftsmanship, design or oriental arabesque designs, he is at the origin of installations and stunning 3D creations anchored in the world of science fiction.

Accompanied by the Paname Workshop as part of the adidas program “The Creators Source” Mounir presents his projectA.V. Roes, which is the synthesis of his latest subjects of artistic research. Mounir Ayache imagined an unusual flight simulator. The latter is presented as an interactive installation in which his many ideas are expressed in different forms, between video games, ornamentation and robotics.
Using these different themes, Mounir Ayache makes it possible to explore the techno-political issues that make up our era. He places famous myths in a unique space-time through aesthetic codes that go beyond borders.

You will be able to come and discover his work on exhibit at L’Atelier de Paname from October 18th to 21st.

Credits Insta: @thecreatorssource #THECREATORSSOURCE