Spanish photographer Al Mefer has just released a special series entitled «Experience of Nature». The pictures were actually created by a computer for a realistic and breathtaking result. The one who usually immortalizes nature behind his camera, this time conceptualized a mountainous scenery from scratch. This project opens the reflection on the value and significance of visual art when it is the product of both digital skills and human imagination.


The visual artist explains his goal: «Across history, philosophers such as Plato, Kant or Descartes have long debated about the quality of our experiences and things, elaborating theories that explain we may perceive a distorted reality distinct from an outer world. “Experience of Nature” aims to create realistic landscapes with 3D modelling inspired by the deserts of the USA and Namibia, “Las Médulas” Roman gold mine in León and also by my own style as a photographer. The series muses about the value of the aesthetical experience derived from simulated worlds as opposed to those depicted in photography, which nowadays merges with graphic design and computer-generated imagery to create worlds beyond our own.»

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