Together with Semplice, a portfolio system by designers for designers, we’re bringing you the most creative and inspiring design portfolios every month. This month, we invite you to discover portfolios from three leading 3D designers and illustrators.

Michela Picchi

Michela Picchi is an Italian multidisciplinary artist working in Berlin. By opting for a simple and uncluttered portfolio, she emphasizes the dynamism of her works for customers like Nike, Apple or Vice. Animated GIFs on the homepage bring Michela’s illustrations to life.

Daniel Lepik

Diving into Daniel Lepik’s portfolio feels like getting a glimpse into the future. A motion designer and 3D artist from Portugal, his website features his project showreel and experimental visuals combining beauty and technology.

Elias Klingén

Elias Klingén is an independent 3D designer and illustrator based in Stockholm. His portfolio gives us a broad overview of images, allowing us to see every detail of his impressive work. The result is a visual experience similar to a walk in an art gallery.