Visual artist Joana Choumali based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, has created a unique photographic series. In «Ça va aller», the pictures were taken on the spot with an iPhone. Then, she embroidered directly on the images to highlight some details or to add colours, elements, imaginary shadows.

This series was actually made three weeks after the terrorist attack in the seaside town of Grand-Bassam in March 2016. It shows how Ivorians experienced pain since they culturally almost never talk about their psychological suffering. «3 weeks after the attacks, the atmosphere of the little town changed. The sadness was everywhere […] Most of the pictures show empty places, and people by themselves, walking in the streets or just standing, sitting alone, lost in their thoughts. “Ça va aller” means “it will be ok.” This common Ivorian expression is used for everything, even for situations that are not going to be ok», she says.

A dashing and poetic mixed-media project whose result is marked by resilience. Follow her work on Instagram.