The Galeries Lafayette offers to music & fashion lovers an amazing music event : “Music Machines”, that takes place from April 11th to April 24th. qui se tiendra du 11 avril au 24 juin prochain. In the iconic shop of the Boulevard Haussman, the event was created to offer an immersive universe in the shop, all with “glitch” touches. The orchestration is signed of Pedro Winter’s master hand. The founder of the Ed Banger music label imagined the art direction and the show that is the start point of the “Music Machines”.

To start this exceptional event, concerts took place on Wednesday April 11th with a Frenchy line-up, selected by Pedro Winter. We could hear Juliette Armanet, the Bagarre group, Myth Syzer Invite Ichon and Myd. Groups and artists with various and original univers, who are famous figures on the current French music scene. They managed to opposite direction from the musical trends of their time by revealing off-the-wall and avant-gardist universes.

Happening continues in the store between music and scenography, gathered for a musical break during your shopping. Iconic Galeries Lafayette shopping windows are animated under the rhythm of the very sharped music selection and take the shape of nightclubs, concert hall or DJ set. Installations reveal fluo tons, under the neon and spotlight lights : a plunge in the disco years.

The creative duo named Toilet Paper, composed of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, imagined a beautiful visual campaign with retro-pop accents.

The « Music Machines » event will be on tour in 14 Galeries Lafayette shops in France. Concerts organized by the Inrocks Lab will let the stage to local artist. Prizes will be attributed to two artists : the jury & the public prize. A closing party will close this beautiful event at the Galeries Lafayette Haussman.