On December 9th night for the Week-End des Musiques à l’image, the French sound designer Romain Benitez revealed his project “Infinite, a space odyssey”, with which he won the Audi talents award Musique à l’image in 2016.

The full Studio of the Paris Philharmonie had a rendez-vous for a stunning journey through the universe in music and pictures. By using the generative and audioreactive technoloy, musician is the conductor of the story that the picture, created by director Stéphane Mondolini, si animated with the music rhythm. Juggling between his computer and music instruments, Romain Benitez plays sounds and offers a pictures that sparkled the audience who came to discover this innovative and creative projet.

The audience travels through a universe with lots of stars and planets. Through electronic sounds, the viewers is caught by light whirls and is transported above unknown planets. He sees, through the clouds, their surface with changing appearance following the notes of Romain Benitez.
A creation made as a symphony, that lets a great part to improvisation. Composer could offer a different experience at every show. A fascinating result where sound and pictures are an incredible duo. We invited us to discover the Romain Benitez’s work in video.

Crédits photos : Matthew Oliver.