Few days ago we presented the work of the French sound designer Romain Benitez. For his participation at the Week-End des Musiques à l’image on December 9th, he will show at the Paris Philharmonie his project titled “Infinite, a space odyssey”. An electro-symphonic performance produced thanks to the Audi talents award he won in 2016.

He offers us a mixtape where he reveals his actual influences. An electro mix of 8 tracks from The Avalanches to Daft Punk including Nicolas Jaar and Major Lazer. For every track, Romain Benitez tells us more about his inspirations.

Tracklist :

# 1 The Avalanches feat. Camp Lo – Because I’m Me
“I like this Australian group for its universe mixing hip-hop & electro music with a very good work on the samples. For me that’s the perfect example of the creation of an original track from sampling.”

# 2 J Dilla (feat. Common & D’Angelo) – So Far to Go
“On of the best DJ, one of my favorites. With J Dilla we touch the perfection in the sampling and the beatmaking art with a sample of The Isley Brother, a groupe I like.”

# 3 Kalabrese – Body Tight
“Recent discovery, I love his sounds. I like the mix of the electro and acoustic.”

# 4 Photay – Illusion of Seclusion
“Powerful synths, a precise beat, a perfect progress”. Des synthés puissants, un beat chirurgical, des textures rythmiques raffinées, une progression parfaite.”

# 5 Nicolas Jaar – Nico’s feeling Good
“A minimalist production with a sampling of Feeling Good from Nina Simone.”

# 6 Point Point – Morning BJ
“Destructured, I like this music approach. Tracks with modern sounds that ends with a jazz beat and an intimate piano.”

# 7 Major Lazer (feat. Amber Coffman) – Get Free
“Fan of Jamaican Music I like this group with this creative heritage. Beautiful track between electro, dance-hall and reggae-dub old school. A beautiful production.”

# 8 Daft Punk – Revolution 909
“A group to place on the pantheon of the electro music. A pillar of the French Touch. Extract of an album who revolutionizes and makes enter the electro in the pop-culture.”