For the launch of its latest pair of shoes, Timberland contacted Fubiz to set up a creative campaign, thinking under the sign of flexibility.

At the heart of this project: the Radford model, inspired by the classic style of the Yellow Boot, iconic shoe of the brand. With SensorFlex technology, a hybrid sole made of foam and rubber, Timberland offers a much lighter and more flexible shoe, distributed with the slogan “Let’s Flex ».

To give unique and original visibility to the “Let’s Flex” advertising, Timberland has chosen to focus on a creative interpretation of the shoe. Fubiz has selected for them an independent studio based in Paris: the ELMØ studio.

The creative universe of ELMØ is essentially made of machines, assembled together to make visual changes or produce staging effects.

To highlight the Radford, the studio chose to show the shoe on a treadmill. It goes through the key stages of an assembly line, the mechanical elements that come together test and approve its flexibility and mobility. We discover a smooth shoe, able to move, to bend and to be comfortable in its environment.

The entire creation Timberland X Elmo was designed in a industrial and urban shade, because it is exposed in the heart of the Paris Gare de Lyon. During the month of November, the creation covers the huge tarp of the Gare de Lyon: 100 meters long and 400 square meters of innovation and creativity.