The Maison Cartier chose to offer a new dimension to one of their fragrance, l’Envol. For the FIAC, from October 20th to 23rd a mysterious installation came to life in the Palais de Tokyo.

Called Le Nuage Parfumé, is is composed of a cube where stairs transports visitors through a cloud spreading the smell of the fragrance imagined by Mathilde Laurent, fragrance creator at the Maison Cartier since 2005. a process imagined by Transsolar who creates climatic phenomenons for artistic and architectural projects.

A creation, that for Mathilde Laurent, is to “see fragrance in a new way, to make it free of its product aspect without a commercial or advertising way, to shaw that the smell is a real way to provide emotions.

« Inspiration I use is really art, Art History and contemporary art. It’s the source of my reflection about perfumery” – Mathilde Laurent

Mathilde Laurent is behind 30 perfumes as L’Envol that is spread in the installation Le Nuage Parfumé. Creator put art and creation in the center of her inspirations. In her processus of a perfume creation, the time dedicated to creation is very important.

For the project of Nuage Parfumé, the relevance of proposing an artistic installation and to place a smell in a closed space was to sort it of its product condition. The cloud that materializes the perfume, is also here, according to Mathilde Laurent, to remind and ask about the place of Man in Nature.

« Redonner à la parfumerie, au parfum et aux odeurs une dimension artistique est fondamental pour l’avenir de l’olfaction dans la société. » – Mathilde Laurent

The Nuage Parfumé was created to remind to visitors that emotions and physical experience that could be given by a smell to understand its « contemplative, ecstasy, fascnination and open-minded power.».

« Creating a perfume it is using smell to ask questions, to create emotions, to touch and making human vibrating in intellectual and physical way. It is a non-verbal conversation. »
– Mathilde Laurent

All pictures by Quyen Mike