Here are  images from several of the shortlisted photographers for 2017’s Arcaid Architectural Photography Awards. From an impressive gymnasium in Tianjin, China to a dizzying view of a Johannesburg, South Africa apartment block, we are treated to a visual tour of the wonderful architecture around the world. See the full list here.

SALA Ayutthaya Hotel, Thailand. Photographed by Wison Tungthunya

Bosjes Chapel, Cape Town, South Africa. Photographed by Adam Letch

Revel Casino, New Jersey, USA. Photographed by Brian Rose

Selegie House, Singapore. Photographed by Siyuan Ma

New Campus of Tianjin University gymnasium, China. Photographed by Terrence Zhang

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark. Photographed by David Borland

Ponte City Apartments, Johannesburg, South Africa. Photographed by Ryan Koopmans

Samsung Electronics HQ building, San Jose, California. Photographed by David Crawford

Black Rock Lighthouse Service at Burning Man, Nevada. Photographed by Tom Stahl