Satin Jackets is the fruit of the collaboration between German producer Tim Bernhardt and his friend, the performer Den Ishu. After obtaining a great success with their track You Make Me Feel Good, they presented a first album, Panorama Pacifico, in 2016.

This is the story of Mr Satin Jackets, a fictional character who travels everywhere in the world and suddenly stop in front of the Ocean, chilling and listening to the waves.

Today, they presents an exclusive mixtape on Fubiz.

Here, their last release.


Tracklist :

    1. Lauer – Byby
    2. Antenna – Love 66
    3. RunSQ feat. Emma Brammer – Give You Up
    4. NTEIBINT – Love
    5. Xinobi – Far Away Place
    6. Lo feat. Pearl Andersson – Metronome
    7. (TBA) – Into the Night


Photography : ah t’es la quand même!

Mixtape also here Soundcloud.