For the European Day of Art Professions, Société Générale launches the exhibition #LaMêmePassion, the first one realized starting from tweets, in partnership with the Best French Craftmenship. The exhibition has been organized on Thursday, the 30th March.

The idea behind this exhibition was to solicit a community of passionated young people, studying in the art professions sector, and invite them to express their passion on Twitter. Then, these tweets has been transformed in artworks thanks to the talent of a Best French Artisan. The creations are the fruit of a co-working process with a young apprentice, in order to create a positive dynamic of transmission.

These historical know-how need of course of a training, but most of all, they need to be practiced and learned with the precious help of an expert. In this way, professional skills but also personal tips coud be transmitted.

The result of this collaboration is an undeniably quality work. Thanks to dialogue between these two generations, millenials developed their desire to live in a more concrete world, where human relationships are not only virtuality and theory, is inspired from reality. Apprentices are an exemple of digital natives expressing themselves on Twitter and realizing their dreams into an artisan’s atelier. In a more and more industrialized world, the risk of loosing this kind of know-how is unfortunately high.

The other goal of this ambitious project was to prove that art professions are a chance for the future business development. Pascal Arlot, wood sculptor, suggest that in a country that is struck by unemployment, these domains should be more valorized. Adrian Colin, art glassmaker, reminds that these professions are also an open window on some niche domains such as perfumery for him.

A beautiful exhibition with a strong intention expressed with precision and virtuosity.