FLYTE, that we presented previously, is specialized in the creation of design objects using the magnetic technology. They are back with STORY, a clock that enables to travel with time, with a circular wooden base and a little marble levitating above.

You can personalize your own time to offer you particular days. STORY gets different modes. The object is a metaphor of the Earth turning around the sun, to remind us that the time is something physical and scientific. The “Journey” mode enables to set STORY in the way to indicate the long term time it stay until an event. the “Clock” mode set the marble as an hour indicator. And the “Timer” mode counts the short term time. It also enable to enlighten the moon phases, the temperatures with color lights and also the sunsets and sunrises.

A perfect design object for all of them who want to admire the time in a subtle way.
The project was just put on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign.