This week-end we make you discover again our best articles of the last days. First, we will talk about Daniele Papuli and his incredible paper installations. Then, we will discover a very particular bakery in Madrid, designed by Studio Ideo Arquitectura and the mysterious Francesco Romoli‘s dioramas. Finally, we will travel to California to James F. Goldstein‘s house and in Argentina, to appreciate Valeria Moreiro‘s incredibly precise work.

Superb Paper Installations Similar to Waves

Daniele Papuli is an italian artist who creates incredible paper installation, inspired by waves movement. In his work, he shows an great sense of details and a remarkable scenography view.

Unique Magenta Bakery Ceiling in Madrid

This very original bakery is situated in Madrid and has been decorated by Studio Ideo Arquitectura. The architects conceived an installation of 12 000 wood logs painted in magenta red. This creates a contrast between the historical walls and the hyper-modern ceiling, catching visitors eyes.

Night-Time Scenarios in Enchanting Dioramas

In his series Mondi Sospesi, Francesco Romoli creates scenes of night-time life by using dioramas. Then, by working on the picture, he obtains these poetic and mystical images.

The Incredible House of James F. Goldstein

James F. Goldstein is an eccentric american legend, known for his odd fashion style, his taste for NBA and his passion for architecture. We do not know a lot about his life and about the origin of his richness. He could be a modern Gatsby, whose house is a true legend for american pop culture.

Colorful Compositions of Cut Paper

Valeria Moreiro is a Buenos Aires, Argentina, based artist. She creates very precisely refined paper compositions, inspired by nature. Her work is similar to lace or origami.