Artist Xavier Delory, based in Brussels, did a new digital creation titled Eglise Saint-Pierre de Firminy: Post-mortem, for his series Pilgrimage Along Modernity dedicated to Le Corbusier’s buildings. After his chapel covered by graffitis, Xavier wanted to cover the façade of the Eglise Saint-Pierre of Firminy (France), which construction started in 1970 (5 years after the architect’s death) and was completed only in 2004 thanks to the Le Corbusier Foundation and José Oubrerie. This church opened its door in 2006.

Because of budget problems, this project was interrupted a lot of times, especially in 1978 when only the substructure nicknamed Blockhouse stood up and was conserved for almost 30 years until 1993. It’s just from this date that the city got aware of the touristic potential attraction of the Firminy-Vert : an architectural complex built by Le Corbusier and made of a church, a stadium, a pool, a cultural center and residences. And it’s this church that artist Xavier Delory wanted to redecorate with an old, ancient and dilapidated facade, as if it was a ruin built in 1978, as initially expected, and got old with the time.

Real Church.