For this best-of, we have gathered the most beautiful collages creations of the last years. With threads and needles, with paper and glue, with retouch softwares and also old photographs and surrealistic visuals ; the imagination of these artists is infinite. Our selection is to discover in the gallery.

Collages Portraits by Rocio Montoya.

Surreal Human Landscapes Collages by Rocio Montoya.

Commando Creative Collages by Mister Blick.

Landscapes Photo Collages by Laura Plageman.

Photos Collages by Tanja Deman.

Photo Collage Turned into Citymaps by Sohei Nishino.

Poetry in Collages by Caroline Attan.

Sewn Collages by Jose Romussi.

Sewn Collages by Shaun Kardinal.

Surreal Photo Collages by Matthieu Bourel.

Timelapse Photography by Dan Marker Moore.

Vintage Photo-Collages Featuring Natural Elements by Merve Ozaslan.

Air Review – Young by Joseba Elorza.

Amazing 3D Paper Patterns by Maud Vantours.

2014 Calendar With Flavours by Nearly Normal Craft.

Beautiful Collages by Raul Lazaro.

Book-Cut Illustrations by Thomas Allen.

Collages from Dollars by Chad Person.

Flying Formation Collages by Shaun Kardinal.

Hyper Collages of Black And White Architecture Photos by Jim Kazanjian.

Money is Material by Mark Wagner.

Paper Artworks by Stephanie Wiehle.

Sheet Music Collages by Erika Iris Simmons.

3D Collages Encased in Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin.

Atlantis Set Design by Zim & Zou.