The last years were marked by unexpected creations et innovative projects promoted by Kickstarter well-known crowfunding platform. Today, Fubiz has selected for you the best of these projects initiated by talented artists, funded or not yet funded. To discover and rediscover in the gallery.

Lumio Folding Book Lamp by Max Gunawan.

Playful DIY Cardboard House for Cats by Poopy Cat.

3D Optical Illusion of 2D Lamps by Studio Cheha.

Revolights Bike by Benjamin Redford.

The Bookniture Project by Mike Mak and Plateaus.

Glow Headphones.

The Present Clock.

360 Shelf Storage by Luka Pirnat.

A Minimal Pen with a Twist by Beyond Object.

Backlit Photo Frame by Frameworks.

The Black Book of Cards.

Beer Press Design by UnCommon Beat.

Caddy iSkelter Tech Furniture.

Celestial Cities by David Fleck.

CMYK Playing Cards by Hundred Million.

Ecoid Urban Nature by Ecoid.

Electric Folding Bicycle by Impossible Technology.

Floating Mug by Tigere Chiriga.

Goal Board Calendar by Linear Calendar.

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone.

London Skyline Chess.

Loomi Light by David Sosnow.

Origami Umbrella by Nooka.

Memo Bottle by Jesse Leeworthy et Jonathan Byrt.

Playing Cards With Birds Illustrations by Karina Eibatova.

Poligon Folded Sculpture.

PyroPets Candles.

Qwerkywriter for iPad by Brian Min.

Rainbow Pencils by Duncan Shotton.

Instagram Projector.

Robotic Space Missions Posters.

Ruche Shelf Storage by Ruthy Shafrir.

Smartphone Case Photos Print.

The Secret Life of Heroes by Gréguoire Guillemin.

Trace Lamp by John Irons.

Type Letterpress Desk Calendar by iSkelter.

VIDDY Cardboard Camera by Kelly Angood.

Wall Hanging Chess Board by Sean Connell.